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  1. GG Not in gig. In my fiverr profile. I tried all the options. Can you give me how can I contact with fiverr support?
  2. Can anyone please help me that I could not connect my Facebook account. It always provides the error message. How will I give the message to Fiverr support? There is no option in social media issues
  3. I also try to make the GIGS according to the rules and regulation also.
  4. I am new to Fiverr. Can anyone please suggest why I am not getting any buyer requests? I always follow every rule like- giving time in the forum, share my gigs on social media for gig marketing and always send buyer requests. Is there anyone who faces this kind of problem? What is the way to overcome this situation?
  5. Thanks for the great suggestion. I will follow this for sure
  6. Thank you so much. and If i want to share video call with him?
  7. Is it valid to share a zoom link from the seller? If buyer gives me through message is it also valid? I am new in Fiverr. please help me.
  8. Great news for fiver people.
  9. Congratulations! Welcome to Fiverr community. I am also new freelancer
  10. Sorry, I am just want to help him because I got this info from another forum.
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