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  1. I recently got promoted to level-1 but my order completion is 90% and on time delivery is 91%. My question is, if one of my active order gets cancelled rn, will I get demoted?
  2. Thanks a lot. I asked the same question on Fiverr support but got only a bot reply.
  3. I am a "NO LEVEL" Seller for now (Although I was at Level-1 and demoted for an warning). Before next level evolution I will also meet the Level-2 requirements, so my question is will I directly get promoted Level-2 or only Level-1?
  4. Their support is very bad. I got no reply from them
  5. I already have a Payoneer account but it is not verified (Under Verification for a long time) and I also unlinked my bank account from the account. Now I want to withdraw my Fiverr funds to that account. What is your recommendation on it? Will I receive the funds after withdrawing from Fiverr to my Payoneer?
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