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  1. I will very happy, If you help me in this regard. Thank you so much. 😍
  2. Its just discussion to know what is wrong or right for me? Good luck to you.
  3. Oh, so you mean buyers become attractive when they read that line. Why do you want to provide proofreading and editing? Do you consider yourself a professional? I think your basis of proofreading and editing is because you know how to use MS Word and Grammarly to correct the document. Microsoft Word and Grammarly can only do so much to correct the content of a document. You will definitely need a good grasp of the English language to be able to effectively proofread documents in the English language. I am sorry but to be frank I don’t think English is your first language. That is not completely a bad thing, but you are providing a service that needs exactly that. Your virtual assistant gig could work. Just not the proofreading one. Thank you for your concern. I will delete that one because English is not my First language.
  4. So you are saying that gig description is the same thing as other sellers? No. I didn’t mean that. I am saying that I saw many sellers using such lines to make buyers attractive. That’s why I try one.
  5. Thank you Sir. I really work hard to make my place. But judging me only by my Gig description is not fair. I know what I am saying or posting.
  6. You don’t need to convince anyone here you are worthy. You have to convince your buyers that your gig is worthy of their investment. The people in the thread are trying to help you go in a direction that would better fit you. Many sellers put that line in their GIg and they reached at level 2. When I put that you said that i shouldn’t be there. 😞
  7. I am here to work. I tried every method to convince you all that I am worthy. Place an order and I will prove myself. If you guys still found it worthless, I will payback the amount. 😟
  8. Sir, I put 5$ because someone suggests I offer low prices at the beginning.
  9. Now, I have learnt many things about fiverr. And ready for my ist order on Fiverr. 😊
  10. Qualified, not qualify. And because… People keep telling you that you have mistakes in your gig and profile descriptions, but you’re certain you’re qualified to offer proofreading? I made changes. I understand that people judge me by my Gigs. So I put efforts and made changes. And I know how to operate Microsoft Word,Google Docs. And I will use grammarly, spell-check and Microsoft Word Track Changes to make my work 100% Accurate. Moreover, I have done this sort of work for my Facebook Client and She loved It. That’s why I thought I am qualified for that. I am new here. That’s why I didn’t know how to created gigs and expressed my way of work.
  11. yes? Why do you think I am not qualify for that?
  12. Assalam-o-Alaikum! Would you like to rate my Gigs ? I made changes. I want your reviews? 😍
  13. You should learn how to do something properly before you start trying to charge people money for it, though. Mistakes make the men perfect. 🙂
  14. I am on the way of learning. Wish me luck.
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