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  1. yes that doesnt help, i did that and I am still in same position, so i guess it is better not to make changes
  2. stop worrying about it, it will come back whenever it may want. you cant do anything about it. just dont make any changes to your gigs
  3. Nothing is happening bro, even now I am in loss if I dont get any orders and might have to quit business 😦
  4. I dont show up in level 2 sellers when I am level 2; and i only show up in online sellers filter; on others i dont exist. So this problem is with profiles I think
  5. This is not a gig rotation, it seems more like profile rotation, no matter how many gigs you make all of them would end up on the last page as if fiver does not want specific sellers to get orders no matter how well they perform. I am facing same issue since 30 days and if I create new gigs they end up on last page as well.
  6. If I create one or more gigs which are identical with my existing gig then would it be a TOS violation? can you please mention that link, I really need to know that.
  7. Not yet, hope it gets sorted. It’s been only 48 hours
  8. Add a video to all gigs and complete some orders, it will be back within 15 days
  9. Some sellers added video to gigs and got some orders through buyer requests and after 1 week they were back, you can also try this i just added video and now waiting for old clients to give me orders.
  10. The new system makes your profile go down not just a gig, so all gigs on your profile are down, No one knows if it is a bug or fiver is coming up with something new
  11. Is there anything in your knowledge that what could have us unqualified from promoted gigs option? I am unqualified and trying to figure out the reason.
  12. I am going to make changes right now, I know many sellers who did it and got results.
  13. Add video to all your gigs, change description just a little bit like 2-3 words and 1-2 words in title. Also change 1-2 tags. After that get 2-3 orders through buyer requests and it will be fine.
  14. Go and check either all gigs are on last page or just few of them; if all are on last page then add a video to your gigs and change a couple of words in title + description and change one or two tags. After that get 2-3 orders from buyers request within a week and when you will complete them your problems will be solved
  15. @designerguysl @hamzachohan I am going to make these changes tomorrow. I talked to 3 sellers and have been following few others; their problem was solved after adding a video and making very minor changes in the title and description.
  16. I used it and it ruined my life, they are unpromotable now and I didnt get any new inquiry in last 30 days. It doesnt happen to everyone. But you an try if you arent getting enough orders.
  17. I am working on videos, will add them by tomorrow or the day after. But I know at least 5-7 people who did it and got it fixed.
  18. That’s bad, but i am sure CS will help you out with this
  19. Let me tell you what worked for many sellers, add a video to your gigs, all of gigs and edit title a little by adding one or two words and same in description then change tags and it will be normal
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