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  1. I executed an order from a buyer request. I took up this to increase order numbers on my GIG. To meet buyer budget, I offered pro package for basic price. I also added bonus works. After delivery buyer left a review " Communication was good " but surprisingly rated 3.3. Please suggest what response I can give or not to give any response.
  2. Congratulations! Good achievement. Keep up your self motivated efforts. If possible share your tips.
  3. I am curious to know how much time it will take to get selected for Seller Plus program from out of waiting list?
  4. I am delighted to see this post. I have just started responding to Buyer Requests. Your tips enlightened me to move forward with my offers. Can you clarify me as to the limit for accepting Buyer requests viz number of offers I can make in a day.
  5. I am creating a new GIG for LinkedIn Profile. As seller can I ask buyer as one of the mandatory requirements to give his / her LinkedIn account URL (address) which is required to work on my GIG. If this is not permitted, what are the ways I can access buyer Linkedin account?
  6. @genuineguidance I liked your suggestion to avoid discussion with buyer about reviews.
  7. My friends report from Abu-Dhabi that they are prohibited to access Fiverr. Can any seller / buyer from UAE suggest some tips and experiences to access Fiverr in your country.
  8. Try for more visibility about your GIG on Social Medial I am successful in getting ten orders within one month of my starting a GIG. I am a self-motivated freelancer. Hence determined to achieve whatever is possible. I wish you all the best in your endeavours @hurairadesign @hikmii @anisbiplob1 @shaikat517
  9. You need deliver your orders on time! After 60 days, the late delivery from this order won’t have any affect on your stats. If your on time delivery rate is below 90%, you won’t be able to move on to the next level. Thanks for your reply @krheate @m1nordragonmc
  10. Thank you for your suggestions.
  11. I have delayed order delivery by few hours. Hence the dashboard shows the “Delivery on time as 83%”. How to bring back this On-time Delivery to 100%. And what will be the impact of below 100% delivery time? I request you to enlighten me on this topic.
  12. A buyer of my gig wants to give feedback after few days of delivery acceptance. He wants to know the procedure to give feedback now. How can I guide him? Please give your view points on this.
  13. I am a new seller with one GIG. I started approaching known contacts, friends and relatives by creating awareness about freelancers portal (Fiverr) and then about my GIG telling them meaning and purpose. I got positive response. First thing I asked them is to signup. After sign up telling them about GIG helped me.
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