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  1. Hello ! I wast only for two weeks because of my exams.Now my gig impressions are very low. How can I recover from this matter. Need advice . Have a nice day!
  2. Welcome to the fiverr!. Good luck ! ❤️
  3. Hello! I think this article would help you. @Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"! Good luck for your Fiverr journey! 😇
  4. Oh Thanks lot! I didn’t know anything about fiver 3.0. Its very useful 😇
  5. If my gig doesn’t come to first 5 pages what should i do?
  6. Hello! what happen when I change my gig Image ? Is it bad affect to the gig?
  7. Hello guys! I need a help from you! I receive fiverr notifications about 1h late in my mobile application. Is there any solution or just network problem?
  8. WRONG. Read my post. The buyer has 10 days to review the order. Even IF the order auto completes. You just joined in March - I think you may want to hang around the forum and READ more before chiming in with advice that is not accurate. GG Sorry i will share my experience :roll_eyes:
  9. If buyer doesn’t response withing 3 days, Order will auto complete. Bust most probably you will lost review 🙂
  10. Thank you! I will change gig details.
  11. Oh I offered unlimited revisions in my gig :roll_eyes:
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