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  1. Thank you! @evan018 I am on the way for quality work.
  2. Alright! I have shared on WhatsApp where I have large community. But It only shows 3 clicks, rather many peoples clicked and viewed my service. Thank you @sehrishirfan
  3. @mehedi_shawon I am grateful for kind words. Exactly, I have listened from many fellows that it takes too much time to get first order. Would you mind to letting me know how to increase gigs impressions and clicks Thanks!
  4. I created my account one month ago. After sending 4 buyer requests I have received my first order. I am still looking for more tips and smart strategies to increase this level. Because I am new to this platform. You are requested to suggest any tips and working strategies that can help to achieve my goals. Regards.
  5. Thank you @tenebres_telrei Thanks for your reply to my question. I agree with all the conditions that you have illustrated. of course, my niche is in marketing and I have seen many competitors. And, yes I have seen 2-3 requests and 23 requests at the start. I hope to see these numbers again. Would you mind letting me know more about getting max numbers of impressions and clicks. I have shared my gig on WhatsApp and max peoples have seen and clicked it. But it only shows 5 impressions and one click for the last 7 days. Best.
  6. Hey @peaksolve Thanks for your kind suggestions. I love it. It is really a great post that you have mentioned for the rank of account. thanks again. Best,
  7. Good Day! I created my Fiverr account one month ago. after some days I was able to see buyer requests and also I sent one offer. But, now I am not able to see more buyer requests. I am not able to understand that why this is happening. I will be grateful for any suggestions that can help me to rank my account. Highly looking forward to listen from the Fiverr family. Regards!
  8. Thanks, Rainy, I am grateful for your kind suggestions. 😇
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