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  1. only 10 offer can send in a day! may be you send all of them!
  2. hey I mean you should send a project screenshot when you delivered your order to the client! (2nd order) . Not the Fiverr support!
  3. never do that if you want to save your account!
  4. @waqarahmed242 did you send a screenshot/image to prove that you deliver your work? if not, i think this the cause! then send an image to prove to deliver your order! hope you can solve your problem!
  5. when you pass a skill test with awesome rating, the buyer will know about your skill and also trust you! as a result, increase the chance of getting orders!
  6. @waqarahmed242 I think your buyer reported your cause of dissatisfaction with your service! so, Fiverr disabled your withdrawal option. I am not sure but you can do one thing that you can message the recent buyer to know if they reported you. and requested them to withdraw the report!
  7. To confirm, perhaps you can clarify with Customer Support ok! thank you @theratypist!
  8. that’s true ! but we should aware of this!
  9. Don’t offer unlimited revisions. If you offer unlimited revisions, buyers can constantly bother you for more and more revisions. You could get pulled into a never-ending order that could last a few months, even years! Also, there’s some grammar/punctuation/capitalization mistakes in your gig description. I would suggest looking over that, or using Grammarly to fix those small mistakes. Hope this helps! @krheate I don’t think it! I always give unlimited revision to the buyer until their satisfaction! as a result, we can get more orders from the same buyer! I think buyer satisfaction should our goal!
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