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  1. Check out YouTube I recently updated my gigs due to the same issue. I improved its SEO, keywords and learned the importance of images & videos. Obviosuly, you have to wait for some days, even weeks to the performance of your gig. N yeah, don’t edit them again and again. Do all, give your 100% and wait. Will help you!
  2. That’s really great! I had a start with a great client and he gave me a tip! My first order and a tip?! I was on ninth cloud which led me think that everyone is good here and there. But later, I met some rude buyers, non-co-operating. I remember one buyer whose work was very urgent his job was on stake. I agreed that I will try my best (only a matter of 1 hour session) and will send offer after the session. I did like 80% of the work but just left me saying that I didn’t successfully do that. This is how I’m getting smarter, nearing the target of Level One Seller and fighting!
  3. Thank you so much. I’m doing great and learning on fiverr alot! Contact me anytime : )
  4. Hello Everyone. Buyer Reuest: I wanted to share my first experience with fiverr which was quite demotivating. As a new seller and in a state of excitement I didn’t know that the buyer has to place an order formally. He said me to do the work on the chat itself and I started doing it. After submission, he started to ghost me, and after 2 days of requesting him to give me an update or positives or negatives about my work he replied to me saying that he never asked for a 20-page long report. I told him that he could have simply told me to do a revision but he kept on saying to read instructions carefully. It never mentioned just 1 page and even if did I was ready to do a revision but in the middle blocked me. Fiverr please do something about this. This is not acceptable. Rejection of work without payment nor giving a chance a revise it is totally demotivating to new sellers.
  5. Hello Everyone, Hope you’re doing great! This is Kirti here from Mumbai, India. I’m a budding data analyst who loves sushi 😁 Environment and frameworks: Python – Plotly, Folium, GeopandasNLP, Scikit, pandasJupyter notebook & JovianMy skills– Problem-solving skillsExploratory Data analysis3D modeling and animationsInteractive geographical mapsSentimental analysis/ NLP Please check out my latest gig because I’m eagerly waiting to be a part of your project and get my hands dirty! Thank you !
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