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  1. I most certainly shall heed your advice, good sir.
  2. Perfect! Cookies for one. Another into the trap!
  3. Unfortunately, changing gig title doesnt change gig url, although I am uncertain about how much the url affects the gig.
  4. @imagination7413 @benedictrm Both of your reviews have left me tongue-tied. I cannot thank you enough for this valuable insight. Evidently, I have a lot of cleaning and dusting to do on my gig. The cobwebs have started to shoo away travellers and have left the natives terrified. Might I request you to come back next Monday to a spiffed up gig? I hope I can bait you with cookies.
  5. Thank you! I’ll probably create a few more samples to add, since none of the current samples belong to normal or premium. (…and um about the art…do you think its buyable? or I should put it off for now?) I apologize for pestering you.
  6. Thank you for the seo suggestion! Ah yes, the differences are just in level of detail required. Should I organize the samples by colour or put all of them in a single image?
  7. My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/xEbY4Q I’ve got just 368 impressions and 15 clicks. Is my description enough or do I need to stretch it longer? and are my samples worth considering? my seo title is: digital colour illustrations pop food quirky my tags are: ILLUSTRATE DIGITAL PAINTING FOOD FOODILLUSTRATION DIGITAL ART I apologize for the intrusion, I am a little lost. Thank you for your valuable time!
  8. Thank you for clearing that up! I just felt sad to see everyone just hurrying and that we might just be able to show mutual support.
  9. Since we are all creatives here, I figured it’ll be a good idea to start a showcase thread where you can show off your works(personal, professional, any stream) and maybe receive feedback. (If this is allowed) I felt it’d be fun to see a vast array of creative juices! (What do you guys think?)
  10. Just popping in to say your music is epic! I could listen to the second one on repeat for hours! Rooting for you! (do you have a youtube channel?)
  11. Good luck to you too. Have a great day!
  12. @mzmasud @jekohohoto Thank you! I really appreciate it!
  13. @pptexperts @hridoy941 thank you both for your warm wishes!
  14. Thank you so much! @jekohohoto
  15. Thank you so much! @saiful626085
  16. capybara be it. Discobot asked me to. Now I am on the hunt for capybara.
  17. Greetings! I’m Anwesha, a turtle just out of the shell, hoping to explore, looking for friends and feedback along the way. May our paths intertwine! (Here’s my gig if you wish to give me a reality check: https://www.fiverr.com/share/Wovpr7 )
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