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  1. Fiverr team doesn’t read the forum. It’s just sellers and buyers here, not Fiverr staff. Nobody here can do anything about your account. As @uk1000 said, you have to talk to Customer Support. yes, dear, I know that. My experience was not good, so maybe a newbie who is planning for a family account on Fiverr will get the idea, That Fiverr does not allow 2 accounts together with one IP, same niche or any other niche doesn’t matter on Fiverr, Once they blocked, Mean you are zero again.
  2. Thanks for the update, I am working on upwork & freelancer. They have best system, They verify each user to be make sure not ruin any of freelancer’s Hardwork.
  3. This is what CS said in the link above: Maybe quote that message from CS and explain that you weren’t doing anything against those rules (if you weren’t). I have not violated any rules please, Fiverr team must recheck manually, I am a loyal seller, since 2016
  4. So Finally they do not agree with their wrong decisions. these type of decisions do not let the grow fiverr, honest people will go out to other freelancing platforms. good bye fiverr image1124×539 30.3 KB
  5. Nice, but my fiverr disabled without any voilation 😦
  6. @shahzadmemon according to fiverr rules what I know is: you and your sister both can’t sell same services if it is same ip or pc at the same time.you guys can’t exchange any review to each other.you guys can’t exchange any order to each other.Did you do any of it? Yes sir, Exactly we do not sale same services or not doing any thing mentioned above. I have read all privacy polices before creating an other fiverr for my brother & sister they manage both togather. Well i have sent request for fiverr support, they asked me emails, i have given, waiting for response. i will update here all & thank you to all for the information. <3
  7. Thanks for response ma’am, the question is above, you have asked me & i have answered you about the matter that we do not have same gigs no same pc no same niche. Please let me know, its not against TOS right?
  8. So both accounts were in your name? However you handed one for your sister? waiting for a response please recheck both our accounts?
  9. So both accounts were in your name? However you handed one for your sister? No ma’am both account was not on my name, one managed by my brother & sister togather with graphics category & one by me multiple niche, like secuirty wordpress theme web develpment & all. which i have opened 24 hours when it’s ring for a msg i awake & reponse of it which is disabled now few hours ago.
  10. Hi, Thanks Ligia Carvalho dear, I have read all before creating another account, Also I have spent time on the Fiverr forum to get to knew before about can we both brother have each account. So there can be separate accounts if we both have not the same category of service. after a few months now I have got disabled my account by saying, You were flagged for having more than one account on Fiverr. This is what I can not believe a big company does this without any proper verification. Simple is that I request to recheck properly this is my final appeal. Suggest me if Any help?
  11. Hello Dear group Members.! I was a Level 1 seller & have delivered 48 Orders with 100% positive ratings, today Fiverr disabled my account saying. You were flagged for having more than one account on Fiverr, which we consider a violation of our Terms of Service and our policies. As a result of this violation, your Fiverr accounts were permanently disabled. My own one Fiverr with my laptop & another by my sister with other services not the same even. & why my old account Hit of tos, why not a new one created by my sister? I have given my 1 year of my life a day-night to Fiverr. Please anyone can help me, How can I contact Customer Support.! I am so worried,
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