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  1. STOP typing the same nonsense in every thread here. You have NO idea how to be successful here. You signed up in February 2021 and have not even made ONE sale yet. So, sit back, READ the darn forum and LEARN instead of handing out junk as advice. I know you think you are helping or perhaps since in another thread you seem to think being “active on the forum” checking the heart button will somehow get your Gig to rank or get you an order - this is not so. If anything, you could lead newbies astray having them do things that will only frustrate them and not help in any way. GG Okay. I’m imitating your guides.
  2. I’m also Muslim too brother @akib0079 . Ramadan Mubarak to everybody.
  3. Congress for being our fiverr forum platform. you’ll decorate your real works in this market. I think you’ll conquer soon your respects, @marketer_saadi .
  4. stick with this organize. I hope one day you’ll gain the succeed. do a good behave with your client. you must run in Fiverr forum everyday so that you can advance towards improved. Best of luck for freelancing career @youchoise .
  5. Nice to meet with @mahabubulhoq . welcome for having in this market. go ahead doing the compete with everyone. I guess you’ll perfume to your qualities in us.
  6. I hope you are also well now. First of all you do act on forum regularizing, @manik0999 .
  7. Congress for joining this community. you’ll get much facilities at first time. you should contribute this opportunities. best of luck for @siddarthacb .
  8. No you shouldn’t do it because your account may be the ban. so you must have in this market.
  9. welcome go ahead on fiverr earning much dollars keep up it
  10. @graphic_dot Your spelling is wrong Label will be level and Foram will be forum.
  11. @absiddik09 welcome to back our Fiverr community family.
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