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  1. Must Be focus on the request what the buyer want. How you solve this you explain
  2. It could be useful for new seller?
  3. Thanks lot of sharing. Can you talk more about gigs keywords.
  4. I am new to Fiverr. 22 hours after opening the account I got the first job. I see many gigs are Fiverr choice and Rising Talent badges. How can they get any one help me? I am opening 7 gigs. I am WordPress and Shopify expert. what should activities need to get fiver choice and Rising Talent?
  5. there is no way to show portfolio latter, only when you deliver work then upload at least one image. gig edit is not good
  6. It is absolutely best Tips for buyer request. Thank you. I have question, what number of words can be written in buyer request?
  7. which social media best for gig share best ?
  8. it is absolutely right, honesty is the best policy for success
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