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  1. You can ask buyer email access or others thing after getting order at order page and there are no issue for that but you can’t ask before order or after order at inbox page
  2. You doing social media marketing and exchanging gig fav with other sellers . Am I right ?
  3. Through My gig, SEO is perfect, And Doing social media marketing very well. But still, I am losing my gig impression. Does anyone know the reason behind it? If so then what’s the solution?
  4. There are so many successful seller who didn’t get their first order before 1 years but they had patience and now they are successful. So be patience
  5. Pause all your gig for few hours. Than active again try to do this when your gig will be losing impression
  6. There is no connection between gig ranking & Social social media Marketing. Social media marketing can never improve gig ranking.
  7. There is no connection between gig ranking & Social social media Marketing. Social media marketing can never improve gig ranking. If you have lot of followers niche related in social media than you can get client by doing social media marketing but you can never rank your gig
  8. If buyer wanna cancel extra order so cancel order will be better for you. Never goes against buyer if isn’t wrong. Other wise you won’t get any support form Fiverr
  9. Bad review is worst than cancel an order
  10. You have to be always active on social media and Fiverr forum you have order or not . If you can do that you will get impression continuously
  11. As selling service is a one kind of business so never wait for buyer message first . Try to reach them through social media or any others way cause its your business . You have to give time also to find buyers
  12. That was amazing . I thinks fiverr Adds are really worth .
  13. You are promoting your gig on social media groups for fav exchange with others seller . They opening your gig and you getting impression . No buyer opening your gig that’s why you are not getting any order . It’s very simple bro
  14. There have so many seller at Fiverr who didn’t get order before 1 year. So be patience
  15. After about 1 month struggle waiting has been gone by giving something really good . Thanks to the Almighty_Allah for giving me energy of patience . Screenshot710×484 29.8 KB
  16. If he do more modification further his gig will never rank anymore i am over sure
  17. Only Fiverr know when it will be same like before with new title
  18. Be patience and be active at Fiverr . If possible try to follow Fiverr algorithm . There have so many seller who didn’t get order within 1 year or more but they didn’t give up . So be patience Fiverr must give you opportunity
  19. I have same opinion . But it’s true new seller doing struggle
  20. It will be better for you do not send any personals information to any buyer further .
  21. No after getting an order you will also receive an order page until order completed . I am talking about that page . And it will be better to not send any contact information to buyer
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