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  1. Forum is for sellers not for buyers man. So don't do it that's a really garbage idea
  2. My gigs are not down. But yeah I have noticed that if you don't get an order for a long time then your gig get's down day by day
  3. At first you send that you can do the work after that type that how you will complete the work ? Provide live sites which you have done before and then write, "I hope my working skills will make you happy and fulfill your aim. Knock me, let's work on your project / discuss about it" and that's it. it's all enough to create an interest to the client
  4. Then you should do gig marketing to get orders asap after that you have to complete the order with 5 stars and doing this process continuously you will be able to send buyer request
  5. For me, A professional gig makes a great impression to a client and marketing boost up the gig performance
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