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  1. Hey Guys, I have a small doubt. I am seller. If I got an order & order completed successfully, & if my buyer reviewed, Is it must to review for my buyer to show his review on my work? If I don't wanna review back to that buyer, Will his review appear on my profile? Please let me know Thank You
  2. Hi... One buyer recently irritated me a lot. Just for rating I have worked more and more hard for him. So can I Block him right now & disable him from purchasing me again?
  3. Hi If we keep our gigs updating daily... Like prices changing, gig image replacing, description updating... Will fiverr show our gigs in 1st page? Will it happen like this? Updating gigs boosts our gigs to front page???
  4. Is it possible to change email for Forum Fiverr? I have updated my email to my fiverr account. But it hasn’t been updated on forum fiverr. What can I do. I am not able to update email for forum fiverr
  5. Hi, Is it mandatory to be same email for Fiverr & Paypal/Payoneer? I have Paypal/Payoneer with one email. But I have new email for work related. So My fiverr is with one email and Paypal/Payoneer is with another email. Can I link them? Is there any problem?
  6. Hi… How far can the clicks can rise upto? I am getting less clicks. Can I see someone with Morgan 200 clicks list 7 days?
  7. My level got dropped to Level 1 recently… But still it showing my 15gigs… I mean… According to Fiverr Level rules, I can only show 10gigs… But unfortunately I missed to pause 5 of them. But yet it is showing 15 gigs… Hope i am not complaining on myself on my mistake… I could pause now… but why fiverr is not automatically pausing my recent gig as it is said in fiverr rules. Thank you
  8. Is that sure that I need to spend some money for web designing? Or can i learn for free? Can you suggest some links or Fiverr learning courses as well?
  9. HI… Are there any new and trending gigs which can be learnt fast?
  10. Hi… I am going to lose my level 2 badge unfortunately this month 15th. What will happen next… Will I get level 1 badge or Will I directly get dropped as new seller? Please someone reply.
  11. Hi… Can I delete my fiverr & re-open new fiverr with the Same Email which I am using now? or Is that impossible?
  12. Fiverr.com Check out Taibacreation's PortfolioOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done. How can I create a Separate Portfolio Tab for my Work Showcase like the example link I have mentioned above?
  13. Hi, Can I change Email of my Fiverr account? Is it possible?
  14. Like a retirement fund where you give a percentage of your earnings and they invest it for you? Exactly. That’s what I am trying to say.
  15. It’s not insurance. First Fiverr should take some money from us & give us whenever we need.
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