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  1. I want to change my user name & profile picture (picture will be mine but not this one). Want to know how I do that?
  2. Sorry I don't understand what do you mean? @olyasr
  3. I feel really bad after losing the Fiverr Choice badge😒Now Got a Subscription badge!! 🙄
  4. I feel really bad after losing the Fiverr Choice badge😒Now Got a Subscription badge!! 🙄
  5. You can marketing your gig on social media & send buyer request properly!
  6. Promote your gig on social media or Delete your gig & make a new one...
  7. Nice but I can sing better than that😜
  8. God sent everyone into this world with some talent. Everyone is the best and unique from their respective places. Here country, religion does not matter Matter. The matter is how good you are as a human being & how well you are serving in the field of work. Example: seriousness about your profession, quality work, etc. So, respect everyone
  9. Thank you all my friends for participating in my achievement ❤️❤️
  10. The Fiverr’s Choice badge is chosen automatically. Fiverr’s Choice Gigs are selected based on a series of quality attributes such as feedback, completion rate, quality of communication, and additional factors. You won’t be able to apply for the Fiverr’s Choice badge, however, they encourage sellers to provide the best service possible which will ultimately provide you an opportunity to be selected. Thank You Everyone, Keep me in your Prayer.
  11. I just got Fiverr choice badge...This feeling is really awesome!! Thanks to Fiverr 🧡 Remain active Give response timely. Collect positive feedback from clients. Get more orders. Follow the schedule. Become a popular freelancer.
  12. Today I'm really very happy to see that my gig has been selected by Fiverr's Choice list.. I don't know much about this topic but I'm very happy! Just sharing my feelings. Thanks To Fiverr 😍
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