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  1. I had a long discussion with a buyer (male), I told him my understanding of the job, I sent him a custom offer titled "UI Design" only. They agreed to it but said that his assistant (female) will pay for it, I woke up the next day and some other random account with fake celebrity pic placed an order. Long story short 5 days later when the job was finished, the original buyer (male) said I didnt need this and he wanted a full website designed and developed in such little amount. I told him that we agreed to design only and I showed 8 screenshot evidences where he was accepting the task to be "UI Design Only" and not once did he mention development in his whole days worth of communication, he declined to respond to any evidence and said he'll cancel the order but was insisting on me sending him the source file, I obviously didnt knowing I wont be paid The (female buyer) starts disputing the order before and after I deliver the evidence of work completed (video recording), I offered to give them refund and let my 5 days of hard work go to waste but only through placing an order on their gig since I didn't want cancel orders affecting my account (I also told this to fiverr support), that was me being very nice since I knew it wasnt my mistake and it was theirs otherwise I would have cancelled straightaway. They said they won't accept it, I let fiverr support know the circumstances, 3 fiverr agents agreed with me and said the order wont be cancelled and told me to discuss with them, a week later and 20 of their disputes later, fiverr support cancels my order out of nowhere and gave me a warning, without even reaching out to me or presenting a case. Reminder, through all this chaos, the buyer never responded once to any evidence and even agreed at first that the (male boss) is forcing them to cancel the order and shes empathetic towards my situation. So this is how a seller is treated, such biasness?
  2. Wanted some guidance from the community, was wondering if a buyer who deviated from the agreement and is now opening dispute every 30 minutes for order cancellation affect my ratings/search listing/rankings? I keep declining but they open one after every few minutes. I told them to wait for Fiverr's decision but I doubt they'll be any solution. So they have opened about 10-15 disputes in the last day or so alone I think, will that affect me? The order has not been cancelled yet nor have they left a review
  3. My order completion rate is being affected due to absolutely rude and unrealistic orders being placed. Buyers dont give a damn about my warnings and requirements and they just place an order without talking to me. It ends up being cancelled by support team through mt request but it is affecting my completion rate. Change the rules, orders cancelled by seller support shouldnt be counted as a cancelled order since its the buyer’s mistake for placing a wrong order
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