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  1. I don't get New Buyer SMS Last 20 Days. What is problem in my profile. check and let me know - https://www.fiverr.com/share/Dwja9Q
  2. It feels exactly the same today! I enjoy it 🀭
  3. See my post above. Stop repeating all the same old stuff! It feels as if the forum has been hijacked! 😜
  4. πŸ˜‘ The YouTube and blogosphere β€œgurus” who spew this nonsense are misleading you and many others. Please listen to the counterpoints and suggestions that others in this thread are trying make… :rofl:
  5. I am also checking this. it’s very funny. πŸ˜… @blavaro @vibronx
  6. you are absolutely right πŸ’— @genuineguidance
  7. thank you very much. πŸ’— @saiful_islamh @moditha_damindu @urmeusha @piash_talukder @razu55 @shaiful_shakil @paleshoaib @sabujgolder @digantasarkar01 @alibd654
  8. oh, man. I think you really advise me for doing this. πŸ˜‘
  9. is it really work? can I open a buyer request with my gig link? what I described in my buyer request when I open a buyer request? @teramangala
  10. thanks a lot for advising me. πŸ’— @shubashis_pal32 @lolit_mohan @ayeshamalik100 @enunciator @innachapkevych @shahedulefty @sabbirxcode @leannelrivers @mumu_ferdoushi @kumarsonjit
  11. thanks to all for giving me suggestions. I will apply the process. if I succeed I will mention it in forum. take love πŸ’— @wdshahdat_20 @devprince @lolit_mohan @iamnafisa @kubyleo159753 @mehedipro @adarinysengupta @s_minhaj @rubelriad @paola2050
  12. Thanks for your valuable word. I inspired from it and get a hope. take love πŸ’—
  13. Thank you vey much all πŸ’—
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