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  1. Buyer satisfication is fact, if your buyer is satisfied by your delivered, you can contact with fiver support with screenshot about satisfiction and get the best information from them
  2. well done written. every seller should read the article you should give your content source as you copied from others your content are matching these site
  3. You can read the entire article to be success man
  4. You also, check your own profile where looking you are unavailable to active your own fiver account but you are active in fiverr forum what's a funny 😀 check
  5. be patient and try to be more skilled, you will get order
  6. that's right "The forum is full of new sellers desperately wanting success. Someone has told them that you just create a gig andeverybody rushes to buy it … Easy money! Of course that is not the cas"
  7. that's depends on your package what you provides, if you explain well that package is out of domain & hosting that's also package perhaps you can do design, domain & hosting package also
  8. be patient to get your next order and try to be active more time
  9. Review is doing matter in fiver world, if you have positive review, your order getting chance is more than other, customer satisfication is more than others what you never believe. so try to care your buyer to get your next project soon
  10. Your project is well done what satisfied by your buyer for the reason, who paid you
  11. Best information for seller. But without active all time, if you late to send offer, buyer read to choose who send fast
  12. welcome to fiver world, be patient & make yourself more skilled. Best of luck in your freelancing career
  13. I have checked your gig, That's a amazing work what you completed, be patient and active more time, Best of Luck
  14. Congress, Best of luck Care your buyer, Your buyer is your wealth.
  15. if you active more in fiver then your gig impression and click will more, if you decrease ti give time here, your gig impression is also down, when your gig is in 1st page then daily impression will be more than 5000 at least
  16. if happens this, please change your thumbnail and add attractive thumbnail to get more click
  17. try to understand your all project before order. be active in fiver and try to provide best buyer request description, best of luck
  18. need somedays to take your past rank
  19. welcome to fiver world. best of luck
  20. well written but without patient no can survive online profession
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