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  1. 2 minutes ago, theratypist said:

    She is correct. Video calls are possible with VID buyers and Fiverr Business clients. Read more: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011062838-Video-Calls

    The OP is discussing about a client reaching out for a Zoom call. You don't need to create a gig to have a consultation, you can always a discuss a project beforehand if the video call option is available.

    You don't need permission if you're contacting a VID buyer or Fiverr business client. Anything else, such as offering a gig that needs zoom calls or contacting with a buyer that doesn't have Zoom enabled then you need to contact CS (there are gigs that allow calls only on the order page, read more in the link).

    I know the issues, check here, VID buyer has fiverr own video call option, for the reason for VID buyer no need zoom link or others for video call, please understand the matter.. she called VID buyer has permission to use zoom. how it is possible? 


    check my VID buyer


    image.png.8a724ba09b54d5b0628997145ddbaa52.png, check here

  2. 21 minutes ago, mikeybee67 said:

    Just signed up and I'm looking to migrate my website from Wordpress to Wix, I am getting some quotes but sellers are asking for my login details.

    Is it safe to give a level one seller your website back in login details?

    if you order in fiverr, then fiverr will give you secure, but if you do not order, fiver never gives you secure after the deal. if you order, fiver give you secure deal, then no seller can misbehave your deal

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  3. 2 hours ago, shadiya646 said:


    If you don't know about this please don't give wrong information. 

    If the buyer is a Business or VID client they can make a zoom meeting session. Otherwise if you need to contact with the buyer for your task purpose and the buyer Isn't BC or VID then you have to take permission from the CS to make a video session. 

    Without taking permission if you make any video session with the client who are not BC or VID you will be banned or warned by the Fiverr.

    did you get any source  your writing?


     If you want to offer Zoom chats/consultations, ask Fiverr CS for permission, get it, and create a standalone consultation gig that you charge for.


    without permission of fiverr, no one can do do this, if fiverr got that someone doing this without permission fiverr can disable or warning fiver account

  4. 29 minutes ago, confidenter said:

    what is making my gig  not to be seen as online seller if I toggle the online button while fiverr searching? But I am online on both my PC and phone and it is even showing the green light light indicating I am online.

    all are ok image.thumb.png.ba767f0b86d3a07d2e7f6fc5cf0bee76.png what i visited your profile, anything else?

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  5. 5 minutes ago, catwriter said:

    More orders are never guaranteed.

    And the OP is talking about not getting orders for 25 days, it's not like they can go back in time to offer an even better service to their old buyers.

    They're asking what they can do now, while not getting orders.

    Good luck!

    may be more active and buyer request are the way at this time for him

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  6. 13 minutes ago, sathi_cc said:

    Hope everybody is well
    I had a $ 750 order, where I had been working for the last 20 days. This was the work of the client's CRM database. I have been updating the database for a long time and have worked with the client as a sample and approved it. I have asked the client many times to check my work. I delivered the work and after that the client's excuse started. He says my work was not right. And that's what he's saying wrong. And the order was making new excuses for canceling. I talk to customer support in this situation and they let me know that sometimes such clients have to manage and give a lot of advice. Last said "I have forwarded your inquiry to the relevant team for further review. As soon as I receive an update I will let you know by following up on this ticket". Last Thursday at 09:32 time Fiverr gave me this message. In the midst of this discussion I noticed that the order had been canceled from Customer Support and had not yet given me any updates. I'm still waiting for update Because the ticket is not closed yet.

    If a seller makes a mistake, Fiverr refunds the client. So what action does Fiverr take if the client cheats with seller?
    Does Fiverr only support the client?

    Please See Attached image





    please wait, i believe they will support your best just wait & see as there is no fiverr team in forum

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  7. 51 minutes ago, rahana_islam said:

    This made my morning 🙂

    Thanks @Fiverr for this beautiful platform. Otherwise it would be difficult to get client and earn money by working from home. 


    rahana islam.png

    well done carry on


    best of luck

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  8. 55 minutes ago, shop_builder24 said:

    No clicks on my gig. What should I do?  Please help me>>

    please be active in your fiver profile if the impression is increasing, then you have to understand that your issue is thumbnail

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  9. 23 minutes ago, sn_graphic_arts said:

    Do I want to Include any Reference LInk in the Buyer Request ?

    Would You let me know how to write A Ationable Buyer Request !!

    there are many ways to convince the buyer


    please research in google you will get solution

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