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  1. Well thanks for trying atleast! Hopefully this will get fixed in someway 😦
  2. Hello guys, anyone ever had a problem with withdrawing money? Made legit money with legit traffic, all of them are interested in freelancers products and I have no idea actually why they would decline my payment request. Anybody has any tips how I might fix it? Support not replying for 1month.
  3. Problem fixed guys, I just waited a bit more. Thank you for trying guys!
  4. Yes I am, even if I use euro I have over 500$ still cant request.
  5. Hello guys, so I have been working for this program for the last month, got not bad results well over 100$ in previous month, now that the pay day has come, there is no such an option to request money, it still says I need to reach 100$ to cashout. Anyone had the same issue? Tried contacting support , 2 weeks no response.
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