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  1. There are so many experts tips and tricks. You can use search on forum i hope you find lots of tios how system work
  2. Ok i am doing, if it work i will inform you
  3. How can i change my forum picture? Few days ago i changed my profile picture but my forum profile picture was not chabged?. Is there have any option to change picture, please let me know
  4. I agree with you but when you getting more and more order
  5. Try to understand what is buyer requirements. Read properly and coloberate with your buyer… ☺️
  6. So, why would your experience be any different with a new account/name? I will tell you, it won’t. Why? Because, you will more than likely do the SAME thing you are doing with the current account as in - how you answer the Buyer’s Requests and spamming your link on social media. Sounds like you do not have a “plan” or target audience. If you are not getting responses from the Buyer’s Request, it is probably because of how you are answering them. Are you addressing what they need done specifically or are you just sending a copy/paste form letter telling them how great you are, how you have 5 years experience and to order? Getting a new account will lead you down the same road you are on now - so, that tells you, make changes within the account you have and how you are going about promoting it and answering Buyer’s Requests. GG your suggestion is very rough and tough… i like you suggestion . this is very unique from other
  7. welcome to our greatest and biggest platform… hope you will get success one day…
  8. if you want to connect buyer. than try to send buyer request if you can fulfil buyer requirement
  9. Day by day it’s getting out of control in our country And the situation is very bad
  10. i am waiting for the update on my profile
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