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  1. Hey sheidy! Yes in my account everything is dollars. I double checked, triple checked 😃 There is the other screenshot from my order on my previous comment.
  2. Hey krheate! Yes that number says 40$ there. However when I go to my order there is this green bar that says I earned 25.60$, and I go to my earnings, it says 32$ for net income. Screenshot 2021-02-28 at 13.21.291666×458 51.7 KB
  3. Thank you so much krheate! I contacted my buyer to ask this. He says he sees that there is an 8$ dollar discount. And he said maybe I put a discount by mistake. But I am looking at the custom order options now, there is no input for discount setting. And I clearly remember that I just put 40 and sent the custom order.
  4. Thank you. Then why do you think it says I earned 25.60$?
  5. Hi! Today I completed my first gig on Fiverr and it was a custom order for a client and I put 40$. On my orders page, at the very top in a green bar it says “Order Completed. You earned 25.60$” But when I go to Earnings, there it says Net Income 32$. Which one is correct? I have no idea why it says 25.60$. thank you!
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