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  1. No, I didn't mean it like that. What I was trying to say was supposed to be like this; 'Will buyers buy a specific gig that has good examples or has a lot of good reviews'.
  2. Really just wanted to know your opinion for this. I've been also thinking about this, but just couldn't get a proper answer, so I though I'd ask the community! What I mean by examples is the samples that the seller provided for the specific gig to show off their works and what they offer. And the reviews are from the buyers who bought the gig from the seller.
  3. Congratulations! As a new seller, I'm feeling motivated just by reading your post 😄
  4. As a new seller, seeing my impressions go up makes me more confident in my skills. But, could you explain it more to me? And also, do you think there's something I need to change in my gig? What I'm doing is just constantly looking at buyer requests and I'm also thinking of making another gig. I think patience is also what I need. I sometimes tend to overthink, but I'm trying to remove that and think that my gig will be successful in the future.
  5. So, I made a gig about me making a YouTube Thumbnail. I made it about 2 months ago, but it wasn't successful because it only had 100 impressions and 2 clicks despite being posted for months. However, I made two new gigs, last last week, and last week. So far, my second gig that I made last week has 50 Impressions and no clicks, but the first gig that I made has 47 Impressions and 1 click. Though, I edited those gigs a few days ago and yesterday. Is it also the cause that I'm not getting impressions so far? Here are the links if you're interested in checking it out! https://www.fiverr.com/alcabsn/make-a-very-noticeable-youtube-thumbnail https://www.fiverr.com/alcabsn/make-any-kinds-of-youtube-thumbnail Anyway, do you think that my gig is good? In my opinion, I think my gig and my examples are interesting! I'm quite happy with the impressions that I'm getting even though I just made it. That much impressions is like 1 and a half months of progress on the gig that I deleted. Thanks in advance!
  6. But, how about if I just make a new one without deleting my old gig? I have a new idea for a gig.
  7. I made a gig about a YouTube thumbnail last month. But, I have edited it a lot of times now. Is that the reason why I’m not getting any orders? My impression is still on 80+ and 1 click. I don’t wanna lose hope, but is it actually the reason? If it is, should I just make a new gig? Fiverr.com Alcabsn: I will design a noticeable youtube thumbnail for $5 on fiverr.comFor only $5, Alcabsn will design a noticeable youtube thumbnail. | Thumbnail.This is the most important part when you're uploading a video on YouTube. Thumbnails are used by a variety of channels because they are easier | Fiverr
  8. Hi! I’m a new seller and I do my best to have an order. While I still haven’t got an order, I try to send a lot of buyer requests in a day. Honestly, finding a request nowadays is quite hard because sometimes there’s a lot, but sometimes there’s none. Just try to be lucky, I guess! Also, be patient.
  9. Any feedback is appreciated. Because the more feedbacks I get, the more I can improve my gig and be a better seller.
  10. So, my last post here on the forum was this. A lot helped me and I’ve changed a lot including my delivery time, revisions, title, and examples. Though, for the first picture, I’m planning to change it and also put 4 examples to attract more buyers. But for now, what do you all think about my gig? Here’s the link, by the way. Fiverr.com Alcabsn: I will design a noticeable youtube thumbnail for $5 on fiverr.comFor only $5, Alcabsn will design a noticeable youtube thumbnail. | Thumbnail.This is the most important part when you're uploading a video on YouTube. Thumbnails are used by a variety of channels because they are easier | Fiverr
  11. While I’m still a new seller, I try to be active everyday, even if it’s just checking how your gig is doing. For example, I check if my impressions if it went up or down. I visit the buyer request and I’m also hoping to find requests so that I can send an offer.
  12. Thank you for pointing that out. I also thought that smaller texts are hard to see because the thumbnails are small before clicking it. I’ll fix it all tomorrow. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
  13. Don’t worry. I’m also a new seller and I posted my gig last month, so far I only have 70+ impressions and 1 click. I’ll also be fixing my gig so that I can have more and get an order.
  14. That is the true key to having any real success or longevity on the platform. It doesn’t matter how you are priced if the quality of what you are offering doesn’t appeal to any potential buyers. If you are attracting buyers, then price does matter and should be adjusted accordingly. I used the 3-tier at first, but I wasn’t so sure if I’m able to do it despite me being a student. I will start at $5 and once I get a better desktop, I’ll probably use the 3-tier again and raise my prices.
  15. No no no no. DON’T add a satisfaction/money back guarantee! My point was, you shouldn’t even have one day delivery, $5 price, or offer unlimited revisions either! These just bring out the worst type of buyers and cripple you if ever an order is brought up to CS. Oh! It looks like I misunderstood that. Sorry about that. I actually changed it to unlimited because I felt like buyers won’t buy it. I will fix all of it tomorrow.
  16. Oh, about that. I’ve been thinking on also adding that. It’s just that I’m not yet sure on how the refund system works. I don’t want to add that I’ll give back the money when I don’t even know how it works. I’m currently doing some research. I’ll change the the title and the examples. Thanks for pointing it out because I felt that there’s something wrong with it compared to other gigs. ^ Based on what I saw on a social media, some buyers don’t actually care what your situation is. All they want is the product they bought to be well-made. Thank you!
  17. Just to caution you, this can get you flagged for spam, per the ToS. Concerning your gig, you state in your gig itself that thumbnails are important, but your own thumbnail samples are not that good. I’ll take that in mind. About the examples, I believe that I can make more and much better examples. It’s just that my schedule is quite busy right now because of online-school. I’m free tomorrow so I’ll make more examples to catch the attention of the buyers. If it’s ok with you, would you mind checking my examples after I’m finish? I’ll probably reply here again to notify.
  18. How can I improve my gig? Am I doing something wrong? Is my gig presentable enough? Those are the questions that I sometimes ask myself. So far, I have 60 impressions. I’m quite happy with that since I’ve gotten that far even though there’s a lot of gigs that offer YouTube Thumbnails. But, I asked a seller that offers the same thing and he said that he got his first order after a week or so. Here’s the link for my gig, and feel free to say what’s wrong and how I can improve it. Fiverr.com Alcabsn: I will design a nice youtube thumbnail on photoshop for $5 on...For only $5, Alcabsn will design a nice youtube thumbnail on photoshop. | Hello! First of all, thank you for checking my out gig. I do appreciate it because it makes me happy.Thumbnail.This is the most important part | Fiverr
  19. So, I’ve been thinking to use Fiverr to sell and have some money, but I’m 14-years old. However, I searched Google and It’s fine to use it even though I’m still under-18. The only problem is PayPal. I need help from my parent so that I can use it. So I have a question. Can the money from the buyer stay in my account for a while until I get a PayPal? In that way, I can convince my Dad to make me a PayPal account without him getting angry at me, lol. If it’s that way, I can post my first gig, and when a buyer buys it, I can show it to my Dad and have a higher chance of him making me a PayPal account!
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