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  1. Hello, welcome to the fiverr forum Your gigs should be according to your skills nd make your gigs by search a good key words nd keep sending buyer request nd stay online wish u good luck☺️
  2. Don’t pasue the gig but atleast give your best for 1or 2 hrs for your gig☺️
  3. Hey welcome to the fiverr forum ☺️
  4. U have to communicate with your customer very cool nd professionally that your customer easily understand u nd dealing to the customer is very important to get good impression ☺️
  5. Congratulations dear I am very gland too see your success in the of 13 god bless u always 😇
  6. hello sir welcome with the great sucesshttps://dub1.discourse-cdn.com/fiverr/images/emoji/twitter/relaxed.png?v=9 ☺️
  7. Like what ever your skills is for eg logo design so u have to search logo design so will see so many options u will get chose most attractive nd unique key word from the option nd make your gigs according to that key words
  8. Hey welcome to fiverr forum our community is here for your help stay blessed ☺️
  9. Hey welcome to fiverr community the work is slow due to pandamic no worry’s about it keep doing your work wish you good luck ☺️
  10. Welcome to the fiverr, no worry’s about the old version on your profile there’s the option of setting go to settings option deactivate your account now make new one
  11. Use the attractive key words for your gigs to be rank☺️
  12. Hey your gigs must be made on your skills nd your gigs should be attractive towards the buyer☺️
  13. Hey welcome to the fiverr community ☺️
  14. Hey dear welcome to fiverr community you r such a talented so wish you good luck for your work 👍
  15. Hey welcome to the fiverr community we are gland to see you ☺️
  16. Hey welcome to the Fiverr make sure that your gigs should be based on your skills ☺️
  17. Nd don’t share your gigs in social media like facebook bc this will be losing your gigs impression ☺️
  18. Dear make sure that your gigs in according to your skills nd make your gigs by searching a good key words that’s helps in ranking your gigs☺️
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