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  1. I am level 1 seller, need to get info about level upgradation, I have completed target in amount for level 2 in less orders. it needs to complete 50 but in half i have completed the target in amount for level 2. i want to ask from seniors would it help in my upgradation towards level 2 OR i also need to completed orders target. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have been Promoted Trust Level. will it help me to grow my sales. need your valuable comments. Thanks Regards, Ayaz.
  3. Thanks all, can we have more free courses ?
  4. Yes i completed this course. 🙂
  5. Hi Seniors, Can you please tell from where I get free courses that fiverr offers. Regards, Ayaz.
  6. Hi All, Need Suggestions from Senior Members: if you have high numbers of impressions + Average Click But Less Orders then should do to get more orders. Ayaz.
  7. Hi Everyone ! Its not a query but I want ask as I a new seller. I had completed my 6 orders but 2 buyers from the same country has bought my services in which I am expert. As I completed my order within due time with their satisfaction they completed the order but did not leave the review. even they were happy with delivery. what should I do ?
  8. nothing like that ! i just completed an order yesterday and delivered the order extra fast worked on extra features for buyer he just happy but even he does not given reviews & rating. how i observe that he has recommended.
  9. Uffff, after a long struggle its finally started. its slow but, I am getting orders now and Happy 🙂
  10. Hi, you can offer your services that people needs
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