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  1. written nicely but one thing to add here is even after following all the rules and regulations one might not get his or her first order fast. The only key to be successful here is to keep patience.
  2. Hey welcome to fiverr. Hope to see your success. Some points to remember as a new seller in fiverr Be active as much as possibleMarket your gigs in social mediaSend precise buyer request.stay active in fiverr forum.
  3. Hey nice gig except the fact that the delivery time is too quick which is harder to meet and buyer can complain on that.
  4. Hey i would like to add a few things which might help you.1 1 > Publish all seven gigs. 2 > Attends as many tests as you can . 3 > Stay online for long hours. 4 > Stay active on fiverr forum, read different topics and try to give and take love reacts.
  5. Joining in fiverr and getting orders within days is one of the best feelings ever.
  6. Never ask your buyers to work outside of fiverr but you can arrange meetings in zoom for better understanding and project meetings.
  7. Once your gig is ranked never edit you gig. It will push your gig to downpages. If you really want to change your gig info and tags then delete that particular gig and create that gig again.
  8. This is absolutely misleading. Never go for more than one active with the same pc. This was a very debatable topic once but now it’s been cleared by the fiverr officials so many time.
  9. You can not use more than one active account from one single computer. If you have used an account earlier you will have to permanently delete that account to safely work with another account.
  10. From my experience let me tell you if you properly seo your gig it will be in the first place in somewhere in the world .If u don’t get it on the first page don’t worry. Someone somewhere is watching it on first page.
  11. Being a top rated seller is really a great achievement for you. Congratulation .
  12. Some tips and tricks for beginners Share you gig on social profiles.Stay active on fiverr on late hours.collect good keyword for your gig.send creative buyer request.
  13. No wonder people with eye catchy gig cover photo gets more attention.
  14. We can check it more easily. Is there any extra feature if we check like this ?
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