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  1. stay online maximum time and send buyer request
  2. You will not get the right answer from anyone here, no matter how much you please the buyer, the fiverr will take you down, and never lift you up, you will not get the right evaluation of your labor here. No matter how much we old sellers don’t work here, fiverr doesn’t look it in the eye, only new ones look fiverr in the eye.
  3. My account has not yet turned on this option
  4. Yes, my questions really matched your words Now these words are correct, the answers are for me to know, so that I may benefit Thank you
  5. Your last delivery was 18 days ago. Check this out: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR Thank you I like your advice very much Look, the order I received 18 days ago is from one of my old buyers, But after doing this I didn’t get any impressions in the bar, but more … and my gigs, the search board wasn’t there, I want to go to Basically … the buyer said the quality of my work is good … he gave me 5 stars … and good After giving feedback, why my account went down …Here I am looking for my mistake … Please give me good advice … and show me the mistake of my work, so that I can correct myself and move myself forward.
  6. Welcome to the Forum Thank you… ❤️
  7. So, you never sleep? Wow, that’s a feat in itself. Being “online” here is not how you get orders. Obviously, your Gig took a hit when you were not using it - and, in that time, I am sure many new sellers and existing ones overtook whatever position you had. If you are sending buyer’s requests and doing marketing for your Gig, there isn’t much else you can do. If you are in a category that has thousands of sellers, you have to stand out in some way. GG Not exactly what you’re thinking, of course I’m asleep, but I keep my computer on even when I’m asleep, I mean, whenever a buyer searches for me, for that purpose, and my mobile phone is near my head, to massage the buyer. Immediately my phone rang the notification sound and I woke up …
  8. I haven’t been able to find a new job for a long time … I am active 24 hours a day, and I am sending 10 buyer requests every day, and I am doing regular gig marketing … Please give me some advice to get a job. Thank you.
  9. Hello friends I want advice from everyone … I haven’t been able to work on my account for some time … My response time, buyer feedback, everything is very good, but I have not been able to work for many days, I came to level one eight months ago … I want advice from everyone, thank you all …
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