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  1. How do you send buyer request? Don’t you follow any technique? I first got 3 responses from my buyers in 15 requests. Try to write buyer request in different ways
  2. In my opinion, I haven’t get any bad effect during this pandemic rather I get more response from buyer this period. I think this is because providing service in a low price as the buyers are not interested to spend more money for the same project in the time of pandemic.
  3. You are welcome to the fiverr:world best marketplace.
  4. Complete your first order with a good review as soon as possible.
  5. You have to wait a little bit for time issue of different time zone of different place. Be patient. You will get your payment.
  6. Hello prodip, you are welcome to the forum. Keep staying with us.
  7. Feel fiverr is your family. So, give lots and lots of time in this sector.
  8. As usual what I do is contact fiverr support team and I try to understand them my problem. If they can catch my word then they find me out a solution. For a seller it is the best way. So, you should do this.
  9. If your gig impression is so low, then edit title, picture, pricing and description. If still it doesn’t work then delete it and create a new one.
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