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  1. My Gig on the first page but I can’t get the order and My impressions and clicks have started to decrease more and more…So Please Help me… What can I do now?
  2. Thank you very much for your Awesome and Excellent Experience! It’s really helpful to get more order.
  3. Sure, You can edit your service/gig descriptions, But if you edit your gig then you may lose gig rank for while hours or few days but it will return to its previous position very soon.
  4. Welcome and best of luck to the fiverr forum community…!
  5. Best of luck and welcome to the forum community…!
  6. Am I need to create more than one service to grow my sell? I only do book cover design service provide, Do I need to do Create another category Gig? Give me suggestion…!
  7. If you talk to the customer support team, Then they will check the conversation between the buyer of you, Looking at the conversation, if support team thinks that the order that came to you by mistake from buyer, Then the support team will help you so that there is no bad effect on your order completion rate… This is my idea. Thank you!
  8. Please use your own design or work for your gig all time. Because you can’t get back this gig.
  9. Why I don’t get any buyer request in my buyer’s request option? Please Help me.
  10. Yes, you’re right. please wait within solve it.
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