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  1. This is the gig I am working on at the moment. After investigating, it appears that this gig is pretty unique to other gigs being offered here in Fiverr. As a result, it doesn’t have a clear cut home. Right now, I have the listing as ‘travel’ but I don’t have a subcategory listed. I would think that ‘trip plans’ might be a good spot for it, but it’s not exactly what I am offering. Additionally, I don’t know that many people are going to be looking around in ‘trip plans’ or ‘travelling’ in general due the global situation. Can you help me brainstorm a good home for this gig so it doesn’t get lost or overlooked in a category that won’t appreciate it? Cheers!
  2. I just went back and looked, and it defo. didn’t have that option anywhere. Perhaps it depends on the type of gig/where it was listed as well? This gig is listed in travel.
  3. Update: I was able to get connected with a new CS who was very helpful in explaining to me the issue with video-based communication outside Fiverr and how it would affect my gig. After making a few minor tweaks with the wording of the gig, I was able to get it approved and searchable without any changes to the actual service my gig provides. For those who are worried about their gigs needing video-based communication platforms, I was told that these are absolutely OK to use if the gig requires it. However, they want people to use (rhymes with) Boom, as it can’t be misconstrued as a texting based service such as (rhymes with) Fartscrap, etc. Thanks again to all the help and advice! Link to the gig that caused so much trouble.
  4. I appreciate the suggestion. Thanks for brainstorming for me. However, that sounds way above what I am capable of pulling off. I was just hoping to find an easyish gig that didn’t require too many new skills that I could do in my time off. Taking a walk with a friend would be so much easier 😂
  5. Well they specifically told me that it was because I mentioned that I would be using something that rhymes with fart scrap. I just figured it would have been best to be up front about it in the description. It’s just that after the conversation I had with CS, they made it sound like I couldn’t do the gig at all regardless of if I reworded it: But the gig was never sent to ‘hard deny’ it’s still sitting at ‘soft deny’, which confuses things even more. I can post what I have already for my description in a minute - I have food on the stove atm
  6. I haven’t been able to find any other service similar to the one I’m offering, or I would try to. I’m contacting CS again and asking them specifically related to my other gig, since they closed out the other ticket: If live video lessons don’t violate ToS, why can’t I do this gig if it also requires video chat? If live video lessons do violate ToS, why is this even an option for gigs? (paraphrased, of course). It’s mainly that this particular point of no video chatting affects two of my gigs and I want to understand why one could be allowed but not the other.
  7. Wouldn’t it be simpler/less risky TOS-wise to not do it live? You could either pre-record it or create it after you get the order with the places they want to see, or a bit of both. As long as it’s clear from the title and description what they’ll be getting. That way you could just deliver a .mp4 and not need one of those sites. Well, the point was to have it be live. As in, someone could tell me “Oh, that shop looks interesting, go in there!” or be able to ask questions about things they are seeing on screen that I might not notice to mention. Or if we came across a local, there could be the opportunity for communication with them if the person had a question. I was looking to provide an interactive experience rather than something prerecorded, because the purpose of the gig was for them to feel like they are out of their living room for an hour and be an active participant, not a passive one. I personally wouldn’t pay for a service I could find free on YouTube.
  8. I’ve finally received a reply, but the response is still very unclear and not helpful Is it against etiquette to request another CS agent? I already mentioned that I would like to speak to someone if he couldn’t help me, and we don’t really seem to be getting anywhere. Or should I close out this ticket and write a new one explaining the last ticket and why I’m reopening it? I don’t want to cause too many issues and get on the wrong side of things. I just feel like I’m not getting the help I need in order to do the right thing to satisfy both parties.
  9. Check my edit. Sorry, I got ahead of myself.
  10. As in, the service is provided via video based communication (the last time I tried to make a post with the specific names of the platforms, it got dinged - but they rhyme with boom and tripe). Fiverr is saying I can’t use these to offer gigs. But that is what my gig requires. Other people have gigs listed that use these services, such as moderating/running digital meetings, and they haven’t been removed. Mine can’t be done through Fiverr because it requires some kind of video communication platform which Fiverr doesn’t have. Yet I’m not getting anywhere with how to adjust my service to make it suitable for the ToS and understanding which platform I can use. Edit: As far as the specific gig I am speaking of, I had offered my services as a virtual tour guide. I would connect with others via video and take them on a personal tour of my city. I figured that since people can’t travel for real, some people might be interested in having someone show them around virtually. The other gig I have that requires video communication services is online tutoring. That gig hasn’t been dinged yet, though. I’m just hoping to figure out how to mitigate that before it happens.
  11. I have been having issues with a Gig I listed that never became searchable. After finding out that I needed to contact CS about the gig, I did. I was reminded that 3rd party communication was against ToS. I understand that. However, the Gig is a video-based service, and Fiverr doesn’t support video-based communication. I asked for some guidance to help navigate what would be allowed/appropriate in this instance, as there are dozens if not hundreds of easily searchable posts that offer communication via non-Fiverr-based video communication programs. Instead, I kept getting hit with the same piece of information - you can’t use these external services. Additionally, I was informed to report/flag all of these posts so they could be removed for violating ToS. Some of these gigs have been up for long enough to have several reviews, and I don’t feel comfortable doing that. I was blunt with CS and said that instead of telling me what I can’t do, I’d appreciate it if they offered me alternatives to what I can do to offer this particular service. I still haven’t heard back. I also mentioned that if that particular CS agent couldn’t help me, then I’d appreciate being transferred to someone that could. I’ve read here that these types of gigs can get special approval via CS, but this guy clearly isn’t willing to help with that. What else can I be saying or asking for to get my gig approved? This is the only Gig I’m having particular trouble with, and I’d like to get ahead of the game if my other video based communication gig gets caught up in this issue as well. So far, though, it has been searchable and even became so pretty quickly compared to my other gigs. Advice is appreciated. Cheers!
  12. I’m going through this exact same issue at the moment. Here is what I did: I decided to contact CS. I went into help, made a search, scrolled to the bottom, and clicked on the button “Submit a Request”. On the next page, if you click the options “Gig” and “My gig doesn’t appear in a search” you are given the option to select the gig in question. When you select your gig, you can get more detailed information about your gig’s status. I was able to find out that mine was ‘approved’ but ‘needed extra review’ to make it searchable, and to contact them to get it sorted out. Unfortunately, my gig ended up getting ‘soft denied’ and I’m still working with CS to find a way to resolve the issue. If you do this, you can get a better idea of why your gig isn’t searchable, and perhaps get in contact with someone who can (maybe) help you fix it.
  13. As an ESL teacher, I would recommend working on your intonation. In just the minuteof the clip I watched, there were a couple times when the flow was a little off. Not anything distracting, mind you. Just something I noticed, and something that IMO does separate you from a more native speaker. Is your voice over absolute trash? Not by a long shot. But working on your intonation, and as others mentioned, your pronunciation, would help make your work sound more pleasing to a native ear.
  14. I understand your point. I messaged him when I purchased the gig specifically stating that I was hoping for help in having the gig show up in searches. I assumed that was what SEO meant (optimizing the search engine to make my gig more visible). But - my gig still isn’t showing up! Thanks!
  15. I still can’t see my gig in search results. I can see the one I made the day before the one in question, and I can see the one I made just 10 minutes ago, but this particular one just isn’t showing up. I tried editing the tags, but still nothing was happening. I thought I could pay for SEO help to at the very least help it show up in searches, and maybe even help with keywords as the listing is in a field that as far as I can tell doesn’t really have a designated category, so that way people would even be able to find it without having to search for it directly. The gig in question said 24 hours delivery, and the guy personally said he would boost the listing to 300+ impressions It’s been 30 hours post purchase and as far as I can see, nothing has been done to the gig (new tags, impressions, etc.). Because I paid for SEO help, I haven’t done any more editing to the gig because I didn’t want to mess up whatever this guy is working on. What gives? What else should I be doing to help my gig become visible?How long should I be waiting on this guy? He did message before the 24 hours was up to say that it would be finished in 24 hours, and I was willing to be reasonable and patient. But for a $5 gig, how long is too long to wait? I’ve never paid for freelancing work before.Thanks! Edit: OK, so legit 5 minutes after posting this, the guy messaged me saying that the order was complete, and to check my impressions tomorrow. But I just did a search for my post again and it’s still MIA as far as I can see. 😓
  16. I’m trying to figure out why the number of impressions listed on my app is different from the impressions on my laptop. I know this question has been asked before, and the answer was that the app is set to ‘7 days’ and the website is set to ‘30 days’. However, this doesn’t apply to me because the number of impressions on the app is higher than on my laptop. My phone is saying 31 impressions for 7 days, and my laptop is saying 11 impressions for 30 days. I even changed the laptop setting to 7 days, and nothing changed (obviously).fiverr impressions|631x400 Any ideas? Thanks for the help. I’m new, and still trying to figure things out! Edit: Approx 30 minutes after making this post, the number of impressions on the website changed to match what was showing on the app. Is this delay something common? I’m noticing Fiverr to be very glitchy overall, and that some of the issues I’m experiencing so far, after researching them, have been problems for at least the last 5 years.
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