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  1. I understand you’re upset about this and rightfully so. But YOU are the seller, not Fiverr… You are independent. This situation is a typical service economy situation. Before this I was the chef of a kitchen for 4 years. When we prepped and cooked hundreds of dollars worth of food and had last minute cancelations guess who ate the bill? This gig thing isn’t going to be any different… People want free/stolen things… And they find ways to get it… You are just one of the many first steps in setting up the policies to protect against these kinds of situations… I was burgled just the other day for food deliveries… Then got a message from “Bonnie and Clyde '21” :rofl: It’s all a part of the game my friend… And you wouldn’t last one round in conflict with an opponent like Fiverr… Be real… The early days mean flaws… Then will come a period of calm… Then mass oversaturation… Then it will become a depleted, burning, heaping pile of trash… Like all things in the modern world… I would let it be known!!! And then hang back… It’s not worth getting wrecked over… It all comes down to one thing in the end… Is Fiverr as a stream of income worth the risk of using it? If you say yes then suck it up… If you say no, cancel your account and hop to the next lily pad…
  2. Sorry it took a few days to respond. Had to change my username/ENITIRE ACCOUNT!!! The Devil Pig thing isn’t going to work on here I think… Another lesson is not rushing in… :rofl: But definitely… I’ve already thought about throwing you some work for sure. And I am in total agreement that the tracks should be as raw as possible. When I was setting up my gig and referencing other bass gigs I was kind of astonished by some of the offerings in regard to mixing. How could you possibly know how your customer wants it mixed? And the Palladino practice days were awesome!!! Picked up some wild right hand techniques from that dude. That was also the Gary Willis days for me. Between the two and my Jaco obsession, I was wearing double wristbands to keep my wrists from going numb. Uber stress… :rofl:
  3. The middle is the wishful thought sandwiched between my mind in its normal state… It’s probably way too artsy for this purpose and only a musician who’s ear understands theory would probably get or like it… Thank you for the feedback… I totally understand how a browser might take it that way… This was originally recorded to show skill and range along with the twelve other songs in the series to get a session gig years ago…
  4. So I should probably upload a Steve Bailey kind of tune with galloping three finger picking and arpeggio sweeps… Thank you, once again, for your advice…
  5. You have a good point: I suppose it isn’t explicitly disallowed. My apologies for not double checking myself first. So, on topic: ran a few searches (bassist, bass, bassline) and got wildly different result numbers. At a glance, low-to-medium demand? Hard to say. Most of the gigs with high numbers have been on Fiverr for at least a few years. Honestly, as horrid as the BR section is, it is good for seeing demand for your categories, or some trends. As a singer/lyricist, I can say that there seems to be more demand for persons who can both sing and play an instrument, but that might also be bargain-hunter buyers who mistakenly think ‘bundle discount’ rather than ‘more specialized equals higher price’. On the other hand, there is something to be said about crafting the melody together with the chords, for better cohesion. I’m only a hobbyist composer, but the number of “write lyrics for this track” BRs, where the track is more like a bunch of layered instrument solos is… frustrating. There’s no room for lyrics! It’s okay… I don’t mind feedback of any kind especially if its intended to help correct errors… My gigs have all been adjusted and edited because of feedback and I utterly appreciate it… And yes, unless a person has been on a stage or at least performed live it’s hard for them to understand how to leave space. I’ve experienced SO many lyricists in my life that don’t actually perform so their lines leave zero room for breathing. I’ve also experienced what you said about the solo-snake-pit. Music is only a conversation but the problems arise when, as people on mass seem to do, the most important part of conversation, which is LISTENING, is left out completely. It’s like a culinary dish with 45 ingredients. It could be well executed in technique and presentation but the mind will struggle to process so many variables in a satisfying way.
  6. I am looking for general answers from other bassists. How is ‘music and audio’ not the category for a music question? I asked the question here specifically to skip the likelihood of a non musician’s response which, as you’ve shown, STILL produced a non musician’s response…
  7. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing yet. I WANT to offer that, but I can’t until I figure out my predicament… :rofl: I recorded that track on Studio One years ago and thanks to Reverbnation I still had access to download it… The main hard drive for that station was obliterated in a fit of rage after a two day session lead to a single sour note that just broke my mind… I destroyed my custom built computer with close to 400 recordings, and an 800 dollar five string by smashing everything in my building WITH said bass… :rofl: I’d never just stared for two hours at any one thing in my life before I stood there silent, looking at the aftermath, once I came to… I literally only have my Reverbnation tracks left… I’m in the process of resetting my product info if Presonus would ever answer my ticket and then I’ll have a legit DAW to use instead of this cakewalk nonsense… I didn’t know what I was doing back then either so I forgot my username, the email I used, the password and all… I just recorded, and then mixed… Took the mix to the car to test it’s quality and then made adjustments until it was pleasant to my ear because that seemed like the most practical choice for someone with no recording or mixing skills… I never got into gear or mixing I just wanted to play… I regret that now… :rofl::rofl::rofl: And I hope it was not what you expected in a good way… I’m putting more on there in a bit to highlight my range of styles until I can get this audio station back on it’s feet… Basically, until then, It’s just a video of basslines, or condenser mic acoustic fretless tracks, which I could record sufficiently in a pinch with these free DAW’s… I’m actually amazed by how extensive they are for freebies… Iron Maiden… :rofl::rofl::rofl: My son recognized that drum cover the other day and ran into my room because he loves Iron Maiden… I named him (my son) after Django Reinhart and hoped he’d appreciate music but he didn’t… He never liked any music of any kind… One day he decided that he should at least find something that he could get in to and after careful contemplation, he landed on Iron Maiden… I am… SO sorry for rambling on like this… I’m on my second gallon of coffee… :rofl::rofl::rofl: Thank you sincerely for your feedback…
  8. Any bassists on here busy? I know it used to be a thing that a good bassist is hard to find… I hope it still is… :rofl:
  9. Oh good… I’m not, BY FAR, a professional mixer but I thought I messed something up terribly when I played the audio. It nearly blew my speakers… Also, why does the picture on my gig behave as a video? I have to press play and only then does another play tab show up in the lower left corner which has to be clicked in order to hear my track.
  10. So did this problem resolve because I’m new and literally just got these gigs together. I introduced myself, did the discobot ordeal and started reaching out. The third guy I spoke to notice a Typo in my description which I fixed but I’ve been waiting like 3 days since for the approval to go through.
  11. Track? You mean the ‘drummer’?
  12. Thank you very much. I’m starting to understand now. All of you have been quite helpful and I’m truly thankful for that. Most online interactions are dominated these days with replies from that awkward and most strange of egos… The social media ego. I wish you the best as well.
  13. That would generally be an artist. Or a dripping clock, or a purple fish. I love that you ask for the brief and to be set free to do your do. Sadly that is hard to find, esp in places like this where people are commonly too scared to let someone skilled do their thing. Watch out for red flags of people who will try to make you do the opposite and be their (usually terribly underpaid) hand-puppet who does nothing but regurgitate someone else’s work. I’d be doing ok if I got paid $5 for everyone who asks me to clone some famous film composer (or really shitty Pop song) like it was a clever idea. Bassist eh, At least you’re not a drummer. LOL I am a Mix Engineer and Composer. I owned a copy of a Fender Jazz once. Clanked nicely but was really good at not being in tune. Not a drama tho as I didn’t work out how to play it. 🙂 Typo corrected… You probably just saved me months of waiting on any writing gigs that may have otherwise come. :rofl: Thank you so much. But yes… I am an artist, a musician, and a writer… In that order.(at least in that order in regard to how much each is a part of my fabric)
  14. Yeah I wasn’t thinking that all of my written work is plastered to my walls like some manic shut in and I didn’t have pictures or saved documents so I threw that on there. And I will most likely take you up on the offer to answer questions. Thank you.
  15. Thank you very much. I’ve been such a hermit for so many years it’s pretty nifty to actually be among creatives. Should’ve done this years ago.
  16. Yeah, I was setting up packages and the whole nine. I reduced my prices for that very reason… To get the first order. I’ll be straight after that I think. Thank you for responding AND for the soothing words.
  17. I’m new on fiverr… It would be comforting to know that other sellers were as lost at first as I am now…:rofl: My whole brain is a right-brain so my anxiety is in hyperdrive.
  18. I know this is NOT how this is done but I can’t even figure out how to talk to people on here. I really need to get going because I’ve been out of work for some time now but i’m 100 percent right-brain and have no Idea how to do this… All I see are reply tabs so I chose the first person with ‘art’ in their name…
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