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  1. you can sell other flattourm but you cant ask for outside payment when you get a order in fiverr
  2. i don’t get it what you wanna try to say
  3. Any suggestion for my SEO-based gig. here is the gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/Kd3lb2 Thanks in advance.
  4. i don’t think we should reply we can simple mark as a spam
  5. welcome to the forum. The solutions of this just maker those message as spam so that will not effect on your response rate.
  6. fiver i s a international market place. so you can not get any local bank or online banking system.
  7. you cant change it. you can contact the help and support team.
  8. yes you are right . scamming is increasing day by day. but we cant do anything if fiverr doesn’t make any solutions.
  9. Wellcome to the forum and best of luck.
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