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  1. Thank you so much for the support my friend 🙂
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Pepe Monzón and I`m a multi-instrumental artist, Music Producer and Composer from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) based and professionally trained in Barcelona (Spain). I stop by the Fiverr forum to share my new Pro Gig with you. Ten years ago I started to focus on film composition and music production because I had always dreamed that one day I would touch people's emotions with my music. That was when I discovered I had to spend my entire life making this dream come true with hard work and dedication. By now I've made some interesting collaborations. I have collaborated with Barcelona ESCAC University as music composer and sound designer, reached the semifinals of some Film Music Contests (FMC, Marvin Hamlisch Music Awards, SkioMusic,...), and finally won the Fiverr Music & Audio composition Contest from March 2021. I want to invite you to check my Pro Gig and, if you find it interesting, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions! We can discuss any kind of music for Film and custom music compositions. https://www.fiverr.com/loftprod/compose-epic-and-emotional-music-for-your-film-project You can check my portfolio on my website too: https://www.theloftproductionsfilmmusic.com/ Thank you so much in advance, have a great day and be safe! Cheers, Loftprod
  3. Yes guys, really sorry for the Delay, we had tough weeks… Congratulations @joylinmusic, @zenter and @rishidas. You guys rock it this month! I have to say the selection process was incredibly hard because of all the plenty awesome submissions we received… Thank you so much to every person who participate and to the great @fvrrmusic for making this happen! It was a outstanding experience listening to you all! Cheers and good luck with your trip! Loftprod
  4. Wow!! Great job!! Come on guys, last hours to submit your projects. Impressive high composition & production level, all of you! 👏
  5. Hey @the_mad_duck you´re right! It has to be changed on the application form. But @fvrrmusic wrote it on the right way on the main post! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  6. Hi everybody!! This is amazing, I can’t imagine all the ideas that may be running through your creative minds right now, I absolutely can’t wait to listening to every single submission! I wish you best of luck, everyone. May the creativity be with you my music partners! 🎹 Cheers, Loftprod
  7. Oh my god! 😱 I can´t even say a word!! This means a lot to me @fvrrmusic and all the people who have made this happen! It was an absolutely pleassure participating against such talented musicians/producers from all over the World. Thank you so much, I am truly amazed! P.s.: Consider that next sample done :hugs:
  8. Yes to both! Wow - blown away by all the entries. When I first heard Elsasollesvik samples, I could not have imagined the types of tracks you all came up with. Super unique takes across so many genres. The winner will be announced here within the next few days… plus it’s looking like we’ll add 2nd and 3rd place prizes too with all these great submissions! In the meantime, would love to hear any feedback on this. Should we do more contests? Different types of prizes? Different types of challenges? All opinions are welcome Absolutely! Any type of music contest is a great opportunity to show everybody your creativity and talent! Every entry has a unique magic! Please we need more of this! 😍
  9. I really appreciate your kind words @torpedobeatz, music composers company it´s the best!! Go ahead, can’t wait to hear your creation!! 😃
  10. I´m replying myself because i missed the explanation part… Composition Process My first step was to consolidate the structure. Thinking about it I knew i wanted to create a story, I love film scoring so i really like to tell a story with my music. I found Elsasollesvik’s voice very soft and warmy so I instantly thought about a mother hanging her child huming a sweet Lullaby at home who was getting sleep slowly start to having a diferent musical trip dream. Intro So I started to create a quite room ambience with a clockwork tapping the track tempo with a musicbox playing a bed song. Freesound.org is my favourite sound samples website, there I found the musicbox starting engine, and the clockwork. The voice track it’s amazing as Elsasollesvik’s made it, but i was looking for something more similar than a hum, so I edited the voice finding the actual intro voice hum but keeping it dry. The musicbox starting was amazing on that position but I had to create a musicbox melody. Musicbox from Spitfire LABS it really fit for me, they actually have an amazing bunch of free plug-ins, absolutely recommended. I automized both tracks (Voice & Music box) progressively merging with a reversed cinematic kick hit as the transition to the verse. The Reverb Aux insert i´m using for the diferent sections is Valhalla Vintage, i´m totally in love with it! Verse This part should was very quiet and progressive so i compose a piano melody with plug-in Cinematic Soft Piano from Spitfire. The voice changes to the original sample but with a lowpass EQ quitely distanced with reverb, because we are passing through the child’s dream. I used again Spitfire LABS but with a synth pad playing a secondary melody and complementing the piano as well. I always find amazing to reverse cuts from a few rendered tracks, i think it keeps the listener linked to the song, so i did it with some piano octaves. At the final part of the verse i added a warped synth bass loop from Spitfire audio Albion One to prepare the entrance of the first chorus with a Timpani progressive percussion as transition. Chorus 1 I kept the piano melody but with a diferent progression (F, G, A) until the end of the track. As you could listen the clockwork track is still there, but on this part i wanted te progressively merge it to a designed clap track (5 diferent claps with Valhalla Vintage and a bit of Delay) and the clockwork would softly disappear. I used heavyocity Damage for the principal percussion, reversing some kicks for the transition to the last chorus. This part has a automized Tremolo Strings Track to start creating emotion. Chorus 2 & Ending I added a few stacatto Mid/High/Low Strings section from Spitfire audio Albion One Orchestra and a Cristal Pad track from Evolve Mutations Library from Native Instruments. I went harder with that stacatto Strings to create tension and for the end a Cello from Best Service Emotional Cello plugin. Mixing I processed almost all tracks with EQ and Compression (SSL2+ EQ & SSL2+Comp) organized in the following instrument/stem sections: -Strings Bus -Percussion Bus -FX’s Bus -Piano Bus -Voice Bus I created a Reverb Aux (Valhalla Vintage as insert) for each section as well and a common Convolution Reverb from Convology XT. For the Strings and Percussion sections i added CLA-2A and CLA-76 from Waves to find a better attachment in the final mix. All tracks were automized trying to create more feeling and my Mix Peak was exactly -4,32 dBs. Master: I used a few Waves inserts for the Master Track: -SSL Master Buss Compressor -GW MixCentric -MaxxBass -Virtual Tape Machine (Slate Digital) -C6 (Multiband Comp) -L1 Limiter (-0,5 Out ceiling/ -2.0 Threshold) Everything was done in Reaper mixed with Audiotechnica ATH-M50X and Mackie CR4 Studio Monitor. And i forgot to mention I designed a track as the Musicbox atmosphere (created with Kinetic Treats from Native instruments) that takes place from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much for reading this amazing process!
  11. Hi everyone! This is my submittion for the contest. It was a total fun making this. Thank you so much for the contest! Cheers
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