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  1. I couldn’t agree more. This myth that exists that you need to be online as much as possible or even 24/7 is dangerous to people’s health. In my case I only ever sign in to my Fiverr account to respond to messages or to deliver orders. I’m online for maybe 15 or 20 minutes a day maximum. But magically I’ve had 750 orders, 500+ reviews. So what’s the secret? As you’ve said - great gigs (and I’ll add in great customer service). Thanks for your valuable information.
  2. Hello Fiverr People, I could not stay online in Fiverr properly for 2-3 weeks. But I am continuing from yesterday. Will I face any problem getting orders? Though I am sending buyer requests.
  3. Thank you so much. It is really informative and helpful.
  4. It’s my pleasure. You can ask me for any help. I will help you at my best.
  5. Make your gigs SEO-friendly. Share your gigs on social media, but never do spam. Optimize your gig. Send 10 buyer requests daily. Write relevant proposal letters to send requests. Use phrases that buyers use in their job description. Be active 24/7. Response early.
  6. Grow foreign country based social media platform. Like maximum clients comes from USA, Canada, UK etc. Grow a facebook, linkedin or twitter profile in those country. Join those country groups and pages. Share your gig to those groups. But don’t make spam. If it does not work optimize your gig.
  7. As a new seller you can get new order through buyer request. As you are new to Fiverr your gig won’t show in first or page. SO it is too rare to get order direct from buyer. Hence, Send 10 buyer requests daily. Job proposal should be relevant.
  8. Promote your gig daily in LinkedIn, Twitter and several blog sites like Quora. Make your gig more attractive and SEO-friendly.
  9. Welcome to the Fiverr forum. Share your suggestions or problems as well here.
  10. Hello mdahsanhabib016, I have visited your gigs. Those are quite professional and unique. But please give focus on your gig image. Make it more attractive than these. Your image colour and text colour combination is not eye-catching. Try to set at least 3 gig images. Then send 10 buyer requests daily. You told that you have sent almost 45 requests but got no response. It means there are any mistake you make always. I will suggest you to write the buyer request relevantly. Do not make it too long. Explore yourself in a short job statement. Write the words that buyer has used in his/her job requirement. Moreover, always try to send buyer request as soon as possible. Be the first bidder in a job request. I hope, it will suggest you to get buyers soon.
  11. Welcome to the Fiverr Family. Keep patient until you get success.
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