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  1. I have been a TRS on Fiverr for almost eight years; I had joined Fiverr when it was officially launched in Feb 2010, and yet today I got demoted for my wrongdoings, yet it is another part of the story how. However, I will be more motivated instead of getting sad, emotional phenomena. Offcourse when you get demoted, it is your wrongdoings with yourself. The 1st time I felt I was not honest with myself before I should be honest with the artificial world, I am living in. I got demoted GMT 00:00 because of 4.7 rating but after 00:00 I got two good ratings which made it 4.8 but still I was not sure. Still, I will get the demotion. Anyways, it is always good when you learn from your mistakes and believe me it made me more motivated, now I can improve myself, improve the services as well as improve the customer support I provide on the wonderful community which helped me a lot for standing on my own. I will remain in Fiverr Community as long as I can. I will work hard to deliver wonderful services, as well as excellent support. Fiverr team always helped me in many matters, and I give them 5/5 stars and even more for solving the significant issues gently. So, remember the demotion is temporary, and the new Fiverr Algorithm is for everyone and no one above the TOS. I would have asked for compensation as I got 4.8 after two hours. However, no, I want to learn from my mistakes. I want to be more motivated than ever. Don’t dishurt, who so ever got demoted this month but work hard, improve yourself, improve the service, try to make your clients happy. There are plenty of good fish in the sea; all the fishes are not of the same kind. Don’t get hurt, when you get unwanted feedbacks, as it is right for the buyer to be fair when they leave feedback on your order. Work Hard & Play Hard! Remember, “If you are honest with yourself, then you are honest with whatever you plan and your doings.” Stay Strong and Follow Fiverr TOS strictly!
  2. Hey, Fiverr community as it’s my 1st post here and I would love to be the part of this platform from now. Recently, many times new sellers tried to copy the content of top rated sellers and even maybe there’re dozens. If you intend to copy the description and even gigs, this will only lead to suspension or may be held for review by Fiverr team upon complaint by sellers who invest time to write and arrange such stuff. “Exactly there’s no shortcut to long term success unless you learn and then implement!” Remember, if you do not have the best communication skills and if you’re not good at writing, then you cannot be a KING. So here are some points to new sellers from our experience we would like to share. Always research Fiverr Community (It’s your right to gain ideas) But do not copy someone’s description, else you can write your own. No seller would mind telling what he do, and what he is going to deliver so you can always ask for additional information to gain experience and ideas to start your gig. Always use your own illustrated images (Do not copy from Google) as it could cause problems in future if someone complaint about rights of intellectual property. If you’re not good at making images, you may find many illustrations by using search menu available on your Fiverr Dashboard. Always over deliver, if you’re a new seller. It will gain you more experience and more sales. Do not ask for five stars anywhere in your gig or even when you start the order because it’s against Fiverr TOS. That’s all from my side. I’m here to help 🙂
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