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  1. Hi there, I am new On Level ONE seller and I want your valuable suggasutions for the compitative marketing. Now my gigs are deranked and I need help. Waiting for your response. Thanks
  2. My Sister want to create a new account on my internet, My all gigs are for the website development but only one is of Graphics Designing. So the main point is that she wants to create an account of Graphics Designer. Kindly suggest me best. Thanks in Advance!
  3. If I will go CS they wilp cancel the order and my rating will bom? Then?
  4. That’s owesome thing that you told me. THANKS ☺️
  5. This is a major RED flag that is used by a lot of scammers. It is the “dangle a carrot” technique used on typically new sellers who are eager to make money and get their account moving along. The idea of more work or a large project can be too hard to pass up - and scammers know this - so, the seller will do as you have - give 20 samples that should have cost $100 in the hopes that jumping through hoops like a circus dog would make the buyer happy. The problem is, this type of buyer is NEVER happy. They will hound you for more “samples” and if you have any of the above statements or things in your Gig mentioned above - you will be beholden to them for as long as it takes. I would remove any of the unlimited revisions, 100% guarantee stuff IF you do have that in your Gig(s) right now to avoid attracting this type of scavenger buyer in the future. If you do NOT have this stuff in your profile or Gigs, I would tell this buyer that you have already supplied the number of samples $10 covers and if they want more, you would be glad to send them a custom offer for more. GG There was nothing mentioned like 100% satisfaction and unlimited revisions. I gave 2 revisions and now completed, but not accepting and not responding 😭. I never saw this type of buyer, I want to request to fiverr please do something like this buyer. You can my check my whole inbox. Thanks
  6. Yes, place the order for sample. If I block the buyer then is there any possibility that the order can be cancelled by the buyer ?
  7. I already give him 20 sample of graphics work and this was my 9 days hard work. And he/she says the same text again and again. I already gave the required work sample in 10$ and that work was approximately 100$, and says to see show me the Design I will give you long term project. Anyone can help me in this matter? Fiverr have any algorithm for this type of buyer? Please help. Thanks in advance ☺️
  8. If it will decrease 1 by 1 then it will became as less as I think. So it will not effect my profile between 60 days?
  9. Hi Everyone, I completed 11 projects previously but this month 1 cancelled the one project by customer support and this thing rate my completion to 91%. But after day-by-day this decrease 1. I got 3 projects and completed them with 100% each and everything but order completion is the same algorithm. Please help in this regard. Thanks
  10. That’s also good to hear from you. I’ll exactly do the same as you said
  11. This is too much valuable things that I found. Thanks
  12. When I published my Gig it says congratulates to me, after 1 hour it says TOS warning and for the next, you will be blocked I created the Gig about Restore images in the Web Design niche. It also says" What is the solution and how much time Fiverr take to remove this TOS? Thanks in advance 😊
  13. That’s answer too much important and guides me a lot. Thanks for being here
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