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  1. Thanks but my Gigs impressions are still and equal to zero today. but in previous history impressions are more than zero. What it should be?
  2. Hello Experts, I had recently got problem regarding visibility of My Two Gigs, They are not shown in searching results since many months. I have 4 gigs Two shown and other two are not shown in searching results... Give me any helpful advice to make those invisible gigs to be visible to everyone. Thanks in advance....
  3. Expert Opinion needed, Is it okay? If any seller or buyer recommend you for selling services to other buyers for considering you for any kind of work to the buyers? Is it legal on this platform of Fiverr?
  4. We are two persons in our office want to Sell services on Fiverr with two different PC’s (Laptop/Desktop) by offering same category Service which is Graphic Designing by using the same Broadband with two different Wifi connection issued from the same one Broadband. Means Two Persons, Two PC’s, Two Seller Accounts with Same Service Category (Graphic Designing). One Internet Connection, One Broadband with Two Wifi connections. Is this acceptable on Fiverr?
  5. That’s not right way. Fiverr should make strict rules by keeping in mind the privacy and personal satisfaction of Seller.
  6. I hope and wished that you should not face this issue as its more terrible even for our enemies. But It is real fact.
  7. Hello Everyone, Some days ago, I have noticed a piece of news about "Fiverr Amount Refund Even after completing the job and earned 5 Star reviews. How Fiverr can impose this activity only on the seller side? Fiverr is the Top one Freelancing workplace, AS its rule are more strict as compared to the other one (Upwork, Gure, etc), does that really happen? if true then how Fiverr process all these activities? Anyone can explain it briefly?
  8. You mean that i have to take all orders that come to me for accomplishment?
  9. I am new here, I have received many jobs from here. Last previous few days, Buyers contacted me to place an order but I refused to accept that due to the heavy burden of work. Is this okay to say excuse for not accepting any more orders here? Is this harmful to my GIG or performance too? Suggestions needed.
  10. As per my perception, 1.You have to pass some recommended Fiverr Tests that nearly matches to your work. It would be a positive impact on buyers decision for hiring you. 2. Share your Gigs via Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) to get possible Traffic. 3. Make sure to be ONLINE. 4.Make your proposal to be an original (Not Copy Paste).
  11. Recently $10 for the job cost of $5 , Total = $15
  12. Hello Members, Currently, I am using Fiverr App for communication purposes. Initially, it shows all the options very clearly, but previous some days before, The “Conversion Rate” Option has been disappeared (Vanished) from its original place (Screenshot is attached). conversion rate sign720×754 68.4 KB Is it Okay? or Can I get it back to its original place? I need that because it provides helpful information about our performance. Helpful information needed! Thanks in advance.
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