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  1. Active fiverr as much as you can & sharing your gig to social media.
  2. Thanks for sharing your best information.
  3. Active fiverr as much as you can. Send buyer request daily minimum 2. Also active fiverr forum.
  4. Active fiverr as much as you can. Send buyer request daily.
  5. No limited for details: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010452657-Revisions
  6. This is not safe for you, your both or one account will be banded. If you want to continue both accounts with deferent service you will connect with Fiverr support.
  7. Publish 7gig to get more buyer request and active Fiverr as more as you can.
  8. After 3days order will be accepted automatically.
  9. Yes, you can delete Your reviewable gig. Your review will add your profile.
  10. Fiverr forum for sharing experience & discussion not for gig marketing, sharing your gig or Fiverr profile link. Its gos against fiverr forum TOS. Please carefully post .
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