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  1. I got level 1 badge at July-15,2021 . But after that my impression ,click are falling down. I can not get order like before. I changed my gig image, add video but last month I got only 4 orders and this month I can not get any order. I always try to stay online. My reviews are good 5 star. Now what can I do?

    Here is my profile link-Design urgent unique floral seamless patterns and texture by Tamanna14111986 | Fiverr

    Please check if there is any fault. Thanks.

  2. Thanks every one. I am promoted as a level one seller.
  3. Thanks to all. I have no warning.
  4. Hello members, from one weak I have all the requirements to gain level one badge but why I am not promoted?
  5. Thanks to all for your valuable advice. I think fiverr forum is the best way to get suggestion when we face any problem . I search google ,YouTube etc… but can not get any accurate result. But the fiverr forum community members are so sincere. I feel so lucky to be a part of fiverr forum . Thanks again .
  6. He gives me a massage perfect but does not give feedback.
  7. NO! Please refrain from giving “advice” even if you mean well. If this person or anyone else reading your post were to send a message like this, it can lead to an account Warning. Buyers do NOT have to be reminded by the seller to give a review - Fiverr does this FOR YOU already - when the buyer receives their order, they are prompted to accept it and give a review as well as a tip if they want. If the buyer does not review at that time of opening the order, Fiverr reminds them again a few days later - so, imagine the seller sending a message asking for a review and Fiverr doing it also - it would be annoying. Again DO NOT mention reviews EVER. Just deliver the best work and let the buyer decide if they want to review. Some buyers do not leave reviews EVER, even if they like what you have done. Could be they don’t want others to know how they rated someone, could be they just never leave reviews. Leave buyers alone. GG I have no idea about this . Thanks for your advice .
  8. I am a new seller . Suddenly I get many orders and I have completed 10 orders in May. The last order I have completed In 20th may . The buyer was happy and send me a massage “perfect”. But he does not give me any feedback or rating . For this my profile show 9 reviews . But as a new seller review is more important for me. What can I do to add the review in my profile? Give suggestion please . Thanks .
  9. I get 3 orders and my review is now 4.7 star . I want everyone’s blessing . Thanks to all for your valuable comments.
  10. I appreciate you . but it was not my problem . Buyer was confused what he wants. He changes his description, theme ,text and color several times . Finally I told him to give me actual description then he response something negative . After that I send him more modifications . But bad luck . I do not want 5 star review from him but I want to know how to send buyer request which is blocked for negative rating . Thanks.
  11. It was my second order . First order review was 5 star.
  12. Buyer changes his description several times and he was confused about his order . He misguides me. He changes his text, color and design several times . But as a new seller I deliver him all the modification. Finally he give me 3.3 star rating and for this I can not send any buyer request . How can I do?
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