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  1. (didn’t found any registered account on your name in Fiverr) Also I was facing this problem I cant find my account on fiverr when I Search my user id. (the given link isn't your account link right) Witch link (https://prnt.sc/19srvlf) is that?
  2. Hello my fiend, I am new seller I'm try to cerate a new gig on YouTube promotion and marketing. but when I publish my gig it was showing active. and then when I try to seen my gig active or not (Help & Support) to here. it was say my gig not active. I am using my own Image, description. tittle. so why my gig was not activated? please watch this : https://prnt.sc/19srvlf
  3. hello, I am a new seller on Fiverr. I create a new gig last day ago that's is "organic viral YouTube video promotion and marketing" but today, when I try to chan my gig, is it active or not I have seen the error now what I can do right now what wrong with my gig please help me. Gig image: CLICK HERE Description : CLICK HERE
  4. welcome brother in Fiverr community forum ❤️
  5. thank you for sharing the truth. I created a gig but did not get any order yet​:disappointed_relieved:😥
  6. sorry to see that 😥 how you lost your rank. I think you should talk to someone face to face
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