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  1. Yup! International messages in the middle of the night is taking some getting used to. I love the access to a larger market. However, I am trying to get figure out how to time things.
  2. What does the BR term mean? New VO in Fiverr and it’s a bit of an unusual ecosystem.
  3. I am a new VO seller too! Welcome. I haven’t had a request for an agreement. My husband has been a VO seller on here for 2 years, and I haven’t heard him mention one. In my FAQ section, I include questions about them, a description, and Fiverr’s policy on them. Hope that helps.
  4. Thank you! My friend is now 15 months in and fiverr work is mostly international clients that wouldn’t have found his website.
  5. Hey there all! Most of my voice work has been through a few local companies, and looking at expanding my marketing reach through Fiverr. The idea of working through this platform is exciting. (and a little scary) About a year ago, I posted a gig, and most of my messages were spammers and jumped off the platform. A friend has really grown their Fiverr space, so I am back! Would love to hear about your success stories -
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