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  1. If you see some nice gig for the first time do you message the seller about his gig? Or you order the gig directly only watching his video or description?
  2. I want to know where you advertise your gigs? Do you use blogs or socials or paid traffic? Your opinion will be important to me and to all members here. Thanks!
  3. I am totally agree about #8) Don’t trust the flags. Whenever you see the nationality flag, that seems to be more of a suggestion than a rule. I’ve chatted with sellers with US and Canadian flags, masked as sellers in Pakistan and India. Yes, some Indian guys are in USA or GB and the flag is not their nationality. This is not so fair. I am proud with my country - Bulgaria and for me it is not good to hide your origin. Thanks! yordanov
  4. Reply to @sabiansoldier: i like your place! Great for creative work!
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