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  1. Linkeding and Facebook Share your Fiverr Gig, Send Buyer Request per day.
  2. Thank You Very Much For Your Important Informatin
  3. Of course a beautiful profile picture makes you more confident at work and it will serve as a mark of your profession
  4. You can share your work on various social media like Twitter Instagram Pinterest GitHub etc.
  5. I think Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Behance Best for Marketing
  6. Always stay online and send buyer requests on time
  7. You explain the work samples to the buyer and you try to extend the time a little more
  8. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Kate's page hasn't been updated since last night. Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon.
  9. send buyer request everyday and stay active online
  10. go ahead brother there is a lot waiting for you
  11. You Can try changing gig image and some contant
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