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  1. I create my account 11 days ago. I search with my gig title tag or something, I can’t see my gig on any page. Anyone, please help me 😦
  2. How to get an order for a new seller. Senior person suggestion me please…??
  3. My Gig impression is down from the last 3-4 days. What can I do now. Senior person, please help me…??
  4. I’m so happy to get a new order. And I want to do this design perfectly 🙂
  5. I can complete 2 orders successfully. But I don’t get a new order. Anyone, please help me 😦
  6. Complete 2 orders successfully. Now I want to get a new project. How can I get it…??
  7. I’m new to this platform. Trying to do my best
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