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  1. Customer Service has replied … that this could be done … but the services must be completely different … and of course different bank accounts and paypal accounts ! In any case to be sure and have a proof , just send a Ticket to Customer Service with your request
  2. What no one has mentioned above is that except rotation … search Algorithm in Fiverr is Personalised ! I mean that every user (Buyers and Sellers) has their own personal account with search History … Budget spend … Location … etc … So the Algorithm provides different results to every individual user …depending on his Location … History … Budget … and some other factors
  3. With such a low price … you attract Non Professional clients … it’s a kind of risky
  4. Yes of course I am interested. Please send me invitation to learn more !
  5. and give more information about your services in Description tab… It is very poor !
  6. “We’re proud to announce that Working Not Working , a leading platform for creatives, is joining the Fiverr family! Home to incredible creative talent and clients like Google, Spotify, and Netflix, Working Not Working is a fantastic addition to Fiverr.” Does anyone knows more information about this … and what that it means for current Fiverr’s Freelancers ?
  7. Avoid Frames into Frames , Squares into Squares in your Gig Image …
  8. Custom Offers with extended delivery time from 10 to 20 days … That’s why you see 10-15 orders in queue
  9. Ask Customer Support to Cancel the Order without affecting your account …due to Not Submitting requirements
  10. These are really great Video Ads … especially the last one … But not for Super Bowl ! … On the other hand maybe you have a point on this … sometimes when you are “casual” among extra-ordinary … can be really innovating and get the attention ! 😉
  11. Ok so I think you understand now how different is a “Super Bowl” commercial … and how boring would be a casual Fiverr commercial that would focus on " Hey we are Fiverr … we have the best freelancers … we do Voice Over … SEO …Graphics … bla bla bla"
  12. This is basic consumer behavior. Business Marketing 101. Was it the worst commercial? By all means NO. (That ‘honor’ I assign to Mercari, Klarna, and GuaranteedRate.) Was it the GOAT? Not by a long shot. I agree with you only that they gave more importance to “Four Seasons Landscaping” than they should have given … Fiverr is a bunch of Artist … what did you expect ? I casual Ad in Super Bowl … and I dont think that there are any rules in Innovation … Innovating is breaking the rules!!!
  13. Firstly, it’s Super Bowl with an ‘o’ not an ‘a’. And yes, you are right in that Super Bowl ads are not ordinary. While this is somewhat true, and there are plenty of examples of ‘interesting and awesome’ SB ads that are not relevant, there is a BIG reason why Fiverr’s ad should have been relevant. I’m willing to bet that any example commercial that you could provide for an ‘irrelevant’ (to a brand’s product/service) SB timeslot, is either a) old, established, and/or a “household name” brand, OR b) it’s a message about a cause, charity, non-profit, or movement. You’re on Fiverr. This ad cost Fiverr a LOT in fiscal terms. It’s now potentially costing them in reputation and goodwill. I care because this is the company providing me a place to be. Maybe I don’t care during the SB, but consequences exist. If you can’t plan for your business’s future, there won’t be one. And this is a part of the problem. I’m completely in support of a business that saw a SWOT opportunity and ran with it. I’m in support of laughing at an incident that is funny. The problem is that this was also a high-stress, high-profile, highly volatile political blunder. I acknowledge it happened, but I will not comment on it any further. And that is a big reason why this was risky. It’s near impossible to talk about the commercial without also talking about “The Event”. Consumer behavior and human psychology. Searches will not lead to Fiverr. Searches will lead to That. Hey Imagination …Thank you very much for your respone on this , I really appreciate it ❤️ and sorry but English are not my mother language . I think you miss the big picture here … Fiverr chose a Really Small Business running by Simple Ordinary People … paid millions of dollars … and Advertise them in Super Bowl !2.The message was that FIVERR can give you the power , no matter how small you are … to make your craziest dreams come true ! 3. Sure … a Lot of People didnt exactly understood what Fiverr is … But also … I lot of people become curious about Fiverr … and trust me This is Better !!! 4. Fiverr mixed Vivaldi with Tesla … Butterflies with “Stranger Things” … 5. Fiverr succesfully passed the message that is a Big Player in the industry without being inassesable (unreachable) … Fiverr is for everyone ! Although I agree with you in some points … I think that this was one of the greatest ADS in Superbowl HIstory Ever !
  14. I think that this is the best thing with Fiverr ! … Can help these beloved ❤️ ordinary simple people to make their dreams come true !
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