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  1. Someone asked before about this topic. Before posting if you use the search option to find out that what you want then it will be easy to find the solution. You can share your gig link in two categories. "My fiverr gig" and "Improve my gig" category.
  2. Create your gig by following this👇
  3. Good luck. Keep up the good work. (Next time If you have something like that to post then post on "Fiverr experience" category.)
  4. Firstly you have to Update the W-9 form. If you are from US then select yes and if you are not then no. Then press update form W-9. After that publish your gig.
  5. Best of luck. Keep up your good work.
  6. You have to wait till anyone contact with you by themselves and give you order. And after 60 days the metrics will be change and you will be able to send buyer request.
  7. Best of luck. Keep up the Good work.
  8. First of all you posted on the wrong category. Secondly for finding job you have to send offer by Buyer request. If your offer accepted by the buyer then you will get the order. For more👇
  9. There are already lots of thread about this topic. New seller will be confused which one should be follow or which one will be helpful.
  10. Welcome to Fiverr community. This thread will help you. CHECK it out👇
  11. First of all you said no. Then you said "can share your gig on this category" Actually what do you want to say?
  12. If you don't mark the order as completed how the seller took your money? It's better to contact with CS.
  13. Yes. Impression means how many time gig show on someone's search.
  14. Should I take this positively or negatively?. 😉
  15. Before promoting try to make your gig by following this👇
  16. This post should be on "Causal Conversation"
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