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  1. What does it mean your thread title? And what are you saying? 🤔 How do you know what he wanted to know?
  2. Firstly check this: Then create your gig following this:
  3. For showing gig there is already a Category "My fiverr gig" Though you are new that's why I said that. Welcome to the fiverr community.
  4. As far I know there is know way to refund which is already mark completed. (Not sure)
  5. I got $66 from my first order.
  6. Best of luck. I have something to say for those who now came here to comment "Congratulations" Forum give us "Congrats" "Thanks" emoji. Please use those emojis.
  7. As a Level 2 seller this type of advice not expected from you. The forum is fully cluttered by this myth "Active 24/7"
  8. He forget to edit😉 And one thing this is not your first post. Am I right @milon20?
  9. Then simply give 'Thanks' emoji instead of posting nice tip☺️
  10. Keep trying. And there is no specific impression number by which you may get an order.
  11. If you are new then introduce yourself here. If you want to show your gig then post on "My fiverr gig" category.
  12. Maybe buyer never ask that question directly. In my first order the task was for about 2 months and I don't have any review that time. But the buyer inspired me that you can do this, I believe on you. If you face something like this then it's better to show some portfolio to the buyer.
  13. Welcome to the fiverr community. When you will create your gig follow this:
  14. With good review from buyer side also.
  15. You are suggesting something that you did not apply yourself. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451657?segment=seller
  16. There is no guarantee after complete an order the gig will rank.
  17. If you want any suggestion regarding your gig than post "Improve my gig category"
  18. And create gig by following this:
  19. Welcome to the fiverr community.
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