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  1. You can use those link: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360016541618-Allowed-Links-for-Gigs?segment=seller
  2. Please read full post what OP said before posting 🙂
  3. Welcome to the Fiverr community.
  4. Click on the three dot in top right of your post. Then report you posted in the wrong category. Then moderator will move it.
  5. Please move your post on "Improve my Gig" or "My fiverr gig" category. You posted on the wrong category.
  6. Anyhow if you Couldn't find your gig then it will be better to contact with Customer Support.
  7. This is from Fiverr support: How Is Order Completion Calculated? The order completion formula factors in the total amount of orders the Seller has had over the past 60 days (completed + cancelled) and divides it by the total number of cancelled orders. Multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage.
  8. Fully agree with you. Even in one post I said, I reached up to veteran Badge by replying this "Thanks" "Welcome" etc. When I said please use the given emojis instead of giving "Thanks" congratulations", in those comment some user quoted me by saying 'Thanks' 🙂
  9. First time read about this. I don't know about this before. Those who are interested to know about this, check it out: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360017972518-Fiverr-Voorschot?segment=seller
  10. Cause my Mamma said never tell a lie😉
  11. My 747+ post isn't like yours like 'Thanks' 'wonderful' 'helpful' 'Informative' 2.3k reputation in just 747+ post? What do you think? By giving 'thanks' post I receive those reputation? @maitasun @vickiespencer @catwriter and many of them are most senior seller here. They also react my post and never said please don't post unnecessarily anything. Even today One of my post got the helpful badge which is given by a MODERATOR. So what are you talking about? Edited: And you want to know how I reached up to veteran badge? By replying of some seller like yours who are posting "Thanks" "welcome" etc.
  12. Did OP said anything about account? 😑
  13. Welcome to Fiverr community. Provide those service in which you are best.
  14. Minimal design refers to a clean aesthetic that takes the “less is more” approach. ... Gone are complicated layouts; instead, minimalist designs favor clean, bold, and simple compositions with only one or two colors. (From Google)
  15. Thia category is for New user introduction. If you want to show your gig than post "My fiverr gig" category. Never offer this unlimited revision.
  16. Did you ever read TOS?
  17. Please stop spamming the forum. If you have something to post then do it altogether. Why are you posting separately several time?
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